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Apartments for Rent in Edgewater, Chicago, IL

About Edgewater

Thinking of moving to Edgewater? Here’s what you need to know.

Edgewater is a vibrant and fun lakefront community in Chicago, Illinois. Located seven miles north of the Chicago Loop, Edgewater is home to nearly 56,000 people, while Chicago’s population numbers more than 2,700,000 . Lake Michigan, to the east of Edgewater, makes this slice of Chicago a haven for beach lovers from late spring until early fall. But winters are usually harsh, with a good deal of snowfall.

Who’s There?

Edgewater is full of families and singles, eco-minded folks, and many unique, locally owned businesses. It’s also known for its large LGBT Q community. The area’s top industries include healthcare, hospitality and retail. Many residents who commute to Chicago do so for jobs in education, business and finance. Most  Edgewater residents land within the 20-34-year-old range, and 54 percent  of residents ages 25 and up have a bachelor’s degree or higher.  .

What’s Around Edgewater?

Edgewater is a community proud of its diversity, affordable rent, well-kept gardens and a neighborly, eco-conscious vibe. The city contains tight-knit neighborhoods, including the historic Scandinavian-influenced Andersonville, with its mix of gastro pubs, Middle-Eastern food and one of the biggest LGBT Q communities in the Chicago area. Edgewater has access to two beaches and borders the north end of Chicago’s biggest park, Lincoln Park. The Edgewater Glen area is known for its healthy share of single-family homes. Many Edgewater residents have a car, but don’t really need one due to a great public transit system. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses and trains take passengers to downtown Chicago. Other residents also carpool, ride bikes or walk. Many cherish Edgewater’s lakefront paths.

What Do You Do In Edgewater?  

Edgewater’s selection of global cuisine ranges from Ethiopian restaurants to Middle Eastern delis. Antique shopping is a popular pastime, especially in the historic Bryn Mar district, and outdoors lovers flock to Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan. The EdgeFest music festival brings international acts to the area every summer, while the Swedish St. Lucia Festival of Lights is a beloved local holiday tradition.



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