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About HotPads

How HotPads Started

HotPads started in 2005 in the Dupont Circleneighborhood of Washington DC. Three college friends - Matt, Douglas, and John - were trying to find a place to live but had little luck. Frustrated, they pooled their collective resources and built a unique rentals marketplace with the first ever map-based search.
The HotPads team moved to San Francisco in 2011 was acquired by Zillow Group in 2012. We are currently located in the sunny Financial District, based in the Zillow Group San Francisco offices.

Who Is HotPads?

At HotPads, we believe you should love where you live. We also know that finding that perfect apartment can be difficult and stressful.
HotPads eases the pain of looking for your next home by helping you make smarter decisions about where to live. We help people navigate the rental market and keep up with fast-moving inventory.

Our "Official" About

HotPads is a leading map-based apartment and home rental search brand, and a top destination for renters in urban areas across the United States. With features focused on recency and the speed of listings content, HotPads helps renters find their next home quickly and easily, with a robust website and five mobile apps.
Launched in 2005, HotPads is based in San Francisco and is owned and operated by Zillow Group.

List Your Place on HotPads

If you want to get your listing on HotPads, the best way to do so is through either your MLS or our own posting path.

We're Always Hiring

We're always looking for smart creative people to join our team. Check out our job listings here.

Need To Get In Touch?

Sometimes people need to get in touch. We get it. Check out our FAQ for quick answers to your questions, or shoot us an email at info@hotpads.com. Press inquiries can be sent to press@hotpads.com.