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Apartments for Rent in Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

About Pentagon City

Pentagon City is an 'urban village' Arlington, VA that derives its name from the nearby Pentagon building, which housed the U.S. Department of Defense.

Located near the Potomac River, the George Mason Memorial Bridge provides easy car access into Washington, DC The Yellow and Blue Metro lines also stop at the Pentagon City Station.

Living in Pentagon City

Real Estate in Pentagon City is characterized by a multitude of luxury condominiums and apartments. The Pentagon City Mall and Pentagon Row are all located within Pentagon City as well. Both places are well known for their stores, more particularly Pentagon Row, is known for its trendy smaller stores. Pentagon City's proximity to Arlington National Cemetery and its cluster of fancy shops has made it a popular neighborhood and tourist stop. Commercially, many of the local businesses are related to the defense industry, due to Pentagon City's proximity to the Pentagon building.


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