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Rental Listing Feeds

Reach millions of renters by sending your rental listing feed to the Zillow Rental Network
Ready for real time ?
Real-time rental listing feeds means listing are activated, deactivated and updated across the Zillow Rental Network in seconds!
Do you manage buildings with fewer than 50 units?
Sign up for a rental listing feed today at rentalfeeds@zillow.com. It's free!
Learn more about setting up a real time feed or a bulk feed if you're old school.
Do you manage buildings with 50 or more units?
Advertise on the Zillow Rental Network and fill your vacancies faster.
Are you a landlord with just a few properties?
List your properties on Zillow Rental Manager, our free listing tool.
HotPads also provides Lead Posting API with an HTTP POST callback. Please refer to our Lead Delivery API page for more details.
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