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Section 8 Housing and Apartments for Rent

Section 8 Housing and Apartments

Are you looking for Section 8 housing or a Section 8 friendly apartment in the United States? If so, you've come to the right place! HotPads has Section 8 houses and apartments for rent across the continental United States.

Section 8 Facts

Section 8 housing vouchers are the United States government's program to help disabled, elderly, and low-income families afford safe and comfortable housing. While each state has its own rules, which can be found on the HUD website, Section 8 across the nation is widely adopted. The price is determined based off the average price of rent for the area where the applicant lives.

Section 8 Rules

Eligibility is determined based on gross income and family size, and is only available to US citizens and their dependents, as well as certain non-citizen immigrant classes with eligible immigration status.

All applicants must fill out an application and be approved in their local state, but this is just the beginning to finding affordable Section 8 housing.

In order for a property to be approved as accepting Section 8 applicants, the owner must register their property with the local Public Housing Authority. Once a home inspection has been completed and the property is approved for Section 8 tenants, the property may be listed as such.

If you are looking for a complete selection of Section 8 Frequently Asked Questions, we recommend this resource.

Section 8 State by State

Every state has different rules pertaining to Section 8 housing, so be sure to check out your local state's rules for applying to Section 8 voucher programs.

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