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Where are the safest or nicest rental properties in Albuquerque, NM?


First, like any metro city of almost 1 million, almost all areas of Albuquerque can attract crime/unsafe situations. With that being said, there are some areas I would avoid and you would probably be able to make that determination just by viewing the neighborhood. Anything with Southeast or Southwest in the address is a concern. I know there are some safe and upscale SE and SW areas, but just as a general rule these are areas to avoid. Also, the safer of the SE and SW areas tend to be higher than the least safest of the other safe areas (if that makes sense).

Anything with Northwest in the address is going to have a make up of young professionals and middle class families. While these areas are safe, a few less than desirable neighbors can bring a negative feel.

Northeast is what a lot of people would consider the safest. If by safest you mean your neighbors average age is 45, then yes; however, you're more of a target in these neighborhoods (house/auto theft) due to the perception that this is a more well off area, thus attracting crime.

The safest best is to find a place Northwest or Northeast to start, and then you can move accordingly after you get a feel for the city. 

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