Your First Apartment: What You Need

The 10 "Must Haves" for Apartments

___ A Bed
Because sleeping on an air mattress is fine when camping, but really loses it's appeal after a week.

___ Curtains
You've seen the TLC "Life Lessons"... a little privacy goes a long way!

___ A Dresser
Having a dresser gives you a place to store your clothes and provides counter space.

___ A Mirror
Both men and women benefit from a mirror. It's nice to know what you look like!
___ A Table
While you may be comfortable eating standing up over the sink, you're friends may not be.

___ Chairs
Why stand when you can sit?

___ A Couch
Many would argue that a couch isn't "essential" if you have chairs, but I personally feel a futon is worth the $100.

___ A Lamp
Just a little lighting can make all the difference in an apartment and will give you a break from the overheads.

___ A Bookshelf
Bookshelves give you a place to store all your miscellaneous possessions... not to mention books!

___ A Pot and a Pan
Take out can get expensive, but pots and pans are essential if you want to cook!

The "Nice to Haves" for Apartments

For your decorating needs, check out this article, Take Your Apartment from Drab to Fab: 7 Easy Ways!.

The "Good to Haves" for Apartments

There are numerous comprehensive lists for EVERYTHING you could need or want to have in your apartment. One of my favorites is from Bed,Bath & Beyond. They break it down into what to get for each category: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen (and linens), cookware, appliances and cutlery, for guests,entertaining, and cleaning, and storage; and miscellaneous gadgetry. also has a great checklist that you can use.

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