When Should I Start Looking For My New Place?

Believe it or not, a strategy is needed in order to find a new place. The key to being successful on your hunt for a new hotpad is to know when to start looking. Timing is everything, especially when shopping in the real estate market.

Generally speaking it is best to start your search 30-45 days (rule of thumb if your looking for place in the city) before you would like to move. Some sources recommend apartment shopping 45-60 days before you would like to settle in since usually landlords know if their tenants are renewing their lease at 60 days. Maybe the magic number is 45.

If you are over eager and start looking too early or are too relaxed and start looking too late, then more than likely none of the places you check out will be available around your desired move in date. The timing must be perfect, because everyone knows the hot, hotpads go quickly. (Which are not to be confused with the slightly more expensive Hottest Pads on HotPads.

But even before you begin to take apartment hunting seriously it is best to narrow down your search. Get an idea of what neighborhoods fall in your price range and what places have other location attributes that interest you like attractions, metro accessibility, etc. When you finally start to look make sure you have all the proper paperwork and a pen with you since there is a chance you may have to sign on the spot. Check out Requirements of a Tenant for more detail.

Common "Renters" Sense:
  • Summertime- usually a lot of places are on the market but in high demand (they disappear fast)
  • Most leases begin on the 1st of the month
  • September 1st is the start of the busiest renting period
  • When people like you, then they?ll like to help you, so be nice to the brokers and landlords