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Apartment Safety Tips

Safety Tips

It may be scary to move away from the comfort and security of your parent's home, but with a few safety tips you help to avoid any big issues.

  • Lock your doors!!It may seem like your neighborhood is safe enough that you can leave your doors open at all times, but college campuses are especially vulnerable to burglary. Most students have a variety of valuables like laptops, stereos, TV's, etc. that are not closely guarded. There is not much that the police can do for you if you tell them that someone simply strolled into your room and took your computer.

  • Leave the light on. It is a good idea to leave an outside light on at night. You can turn it off during the day.

  • Don't hide a key outside. Thieves know that people often keep a key hidden outside their house. It is in your best interest not to try and hide a key under your welcome mat. If you want to have an extra key for emergencies leave one with a trusted neighbor or friend.

  • Check for signs of entry.When you get home, check to make sure that there are no signs that someone has entered your home, like a broken lock or opened door/windows. If you think that someone has forcibly entered your house, call the police and stay out of the house.

  • Park your car in a safe area.Try to park your car in a garage or an area with a parking attendant. If not, park your car in an area that is well-lit and close to your place. When leaving your car, make sure that all doors and windows are locked and make sure that all valuables are out of sight.

  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch. You can get a group of neighbors together to keep an eye on each others houses and call the police if you see any suspicious activity.

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