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Apartment Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Now that you have moved into your new place you want to make sure that you can enjoy it without any major incidents. The following tips can help you prevent a fire.

  • Check smoke detectors. Test your smoke detectors every month to make sure that the batteries work.

  • Know the layout. You should know how to leave your place in the case of a fire emergency. This includes knowing how to get to all exits and the number of doors between your room and the front door.

  • Close your bedroom door when you sleep. This can help keep out smoke and fire in the case of a fire emergency.

  • Keep your apartment clean. Garbage and loose papers will burn quickly and can make it difficult to leave your apartment in a hurry.

  • Be aware of electrical problems. If the same fuse in your place keeps blowing, then call an electrician to fix the problem and keep the area around the outlet clear.

  • Keep flammable liquids outside. If you have containers with gasoline or propane you should store them somewhere outside of your house.

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