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Renting With Dogs

Renting with Dogs

Whether you are renting an apartment or a home, renting with dogs can sometimes be complicated. While not all landlords accept your four legged friends, many do.

Whether you have a small apartment in the middle of a city to a single family home with acres of grass, having a dog in a rental property can easily be done as long as you provide for their needs. Make sure you review which breed of dog are appropriate for the various types of rental housing. Dogster provides a great resource for finding the best apartment dog breeds- and their list might surprise you!

When you are searching for a pet friendly apartment, you may quickly realize that not all landlords accept dogs or even certain dog breeds. It's important to demonstrate that you are a good owner and your dog is well trained before many people will allow a dog in their rental. However, even if your dog is on his best behavior, some landlords may require you to pay an extra pet deposit.

The Human Society provides a great deal of information for renting with pets, like these Tips for Renting with Dogs.

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