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Renting with Cats

Renting with Cats

Finding cat-friendly apartments or houses for rent is generally not as difficult as finding dog-friendly apartments, largely because landlords do not view feline friends as destructive.

Nonetheless, a lot of time, money, and effort goes into caring for a cat.

Tips for Cat Lovers

While some people worry that their apartment is too small or lacks an outdoor area, cats can be perfectly happy in an apartment situation as long as you provide for their needs.

Present toys and scratching posts to ensure that they are entertained while you are out of the house, and make sure that you give them the attention they need while you are there.

In small spaces, your cat's litter box may seem to over power your apartment. But, this is an easy fix as well. Changing and cleaning your litter box frequently should eradicate much of the smell and there are some great odor-reducing products on the market today.

Make sure to cat-proof your apartment by removing all choking hazards and electrical dangers to your cat. In addition, make sure to keep all windows closed or screened in to prevent any accidents.

The Human Society provides a great deal of information for renting with pets, like this list of things needed to care for your cat: The Top Ten Essentials.


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