Questions to Ask the Landlord

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Basic Information

# of Bedrooms _______ # of Bathrooms _______ sq. ft _______

How many people may live in the apartment? _______

Rent _______ Are utilities included? Y N If yes, which ones? ________________

When is rent due? _________ Where is it to be paid? __________________

Are there late fees? Y N If yes, how much? ___________

What is the length of the lease? _____________________

Are the lease terms flexible? ___________________

What are the penalties for breaking a lease? __________________________

How much is the security deposit? _________

When must it be paid? _________ When will you get it back? ____________

Where will it be held? __________ Will you earn interest on it? ___________

How often are security deposits withheld? _________

For what reasons? __________________________________________

Can you sublet a room or the unit? Y N If yes, on what conditions? ____________

Property Questions

Is there an on-site manager? Y N

Do you offer 24-hour emergency maintenance? Y N

What security measures are in place? ____________________________________

Are pets welcome? Y N If yes, are any types/breeds banned? ________________

Are there laundry facilities on-site? Y N if yes, is there a fee? ________________

Is the property handicapped-accessible? Y N


Is the rental near public transportation? Y N if yes, how close? _______________

Is the rental near any parks or trails? Y N if yes, how close? _________________

Is the rental near grocery stores, restaurants, etc? Y N if yes, how close? ______

Is parking included? Y N if yes, is there a parking fee? ______________

Is covered parking available? If yes, is there a fee? ____________

Is street parking available? Y N

Is guest parking/visitor parking available? Y N