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Tips for Positive Interactions with Your Landlord

Love it or hate it, landlords are a necessary part of the renting experience. Unless you own your house, you will have to deal with a landlord or property manager. However, the relationship between a landlord and a tenant does not have to be strained and developing a positive relationship with your landlord will make both of your lives easier.

Here are two quick, but invaluable sure-fire tips for establishing a positive relationship with your landlord:

Pay your rent on time

This is a key to good interactions with your landlord. They care about getting their rent, so try your very hardest to get it in on time, and you guys should have no problems. Some places provide a grace period of several days, and some charge a fee for each day it?s late. Regardless, make sure you can pay your rent on time BEFORE you sign a lease!

Always be respectful

If your landlord talks with you about a noise complaint, or any other sort of problem, be respectful of what they have to say. Don?t become defensive and be as helpful as possible. It helps to have your landlord on your side.

If you have any sort of problem with the landlord whether it be a noisy neighbor, security deposit, or anything else, be as nice as you can. You won?t have too much interaction with them, and being rude to them won?t get you anywhere.

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