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How to Throw a Party In Your Apartment

Everyone knows how to through a party, but not everyone can throw a party without annoying the neighbors and/or getting the cops called.

When you decide you want to throw a party you have to decide what kind of party you are going to have. Generally your set-up will determine what kind of party you have, but there is always a chance that things could get out of hand (it is a party after all). If you decide you want a quite calm affair, then wine and cheese might be your best bet. Your landlord and neighbors would prefer this option.

If you decide to go with an edgier option like beer and chips then you should be prepared to deal with a rowdier crowd. Here are some rules to remember no matter what kind of party you decide to have:

  • Only invite your friends. Random people are usually less accountable for their actions and are not as careful with your things.

  • Make sure there are enough refreshments for your party. Whether you are having diet coke or whiskey on the rocks, the party usually ends when the house runs out of drinks.

  • Tell your neighbors you are going to be having people over and give them your number to call you if things get loud. If you don't they will usually call the cops instead.

  • Collect keys. If people are going to drink make sure they don't drive. Either tell them to cab over or have designated drivers.

  • Put away your most valuable/breakable/important things. Even though theses are your friends, it is always better to be safe then sorry.

  • Check the volume level. If you are playing music, check the volume level. If your friends are yelling, check the volume level. Go outside and see if you can hear the party from outside. If you can, then you need to turn it down

  • Clear out some space so that people can congregate and not run into your things... thus breaking them

  • Be ready for clean-up. This is usually the hardest part of having a party. If you are lucky maybe you can recruit some of your friends to help you.

Remember to be respectful of your neighbors. If you are constantly annoying them, they will be much more likely to call the authorities rather than you if things get too loud for them. Also remember that if your neighbors complain enough, you can be held in violation of your lease and have some unnecessary problems with the landlord!

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