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How to Entertain House Guests

Savvy Miss entertaining expert Luce helps members prepare for house guests.

Dear Luce,
I recently moved across country for a fantastic job. Three of my friends are coming to town next weekend to visit and see my new digs. I want to make sure they feel at home and have things to do while I?m at work on Friday. I also want to be sure that my fridge is full of snacks for them. How can I keep my houseguests entertained and comfortable while they?re visiting?
--- Frazzled in the City

Make sure to stock your refrigerator before they arrive with bottled water, sodas, Snapple, Red Bull and beer. (Have you noticed that guys, especially, think nothing of drinking beer before noon when they?re on vacation?)

Cheese, crackers, salami, fresh fruit and yogurt would also be nice to have on hand as snacks or meals for guests while you?re at work. Bagels and cream cheese are another option. If you have a coffee maker, make sure it?s all set for them to simply push the button to make coffee?have cream, sugar and coffee mugs available.

You can also leave a basket out on the counter, filled with energy bars, microwaveable popcorn and red vines or other candy, along with a couple of DVDs for your friends to watch while hanging out. Your best bet for videos are something lighthearted and fun, like Da Ali G Show or your favorite television series.

Have some music set up on your CD player so guests can listen to music easily. If there is something tricky about any of your appliances, be sure let them know how they work (or leave a Post-it note with directions). These little thoughtful touches mean a lot, so they don?t get frustrated just trying to turn the stereo on.

Leave a ?good morning? note on the counter with directions to your favorite restaurant or a coffee place with great people watching. Your friends most likely will not know their way around, so it?s nice to keep destinations local. It always feels like vacation when you can walk rather than get in the car.

If you have girlfriends coming to town who always enjoy a good spa treatment, it?s a great idea to schedule pedicures for them to have at the same time at a fun spa or salon nearby. Look for salons that serve customers martinis or margaritas while they polish. Or you could always have a bottle of champagne, fresh squeezed OJ and plastic glasses for them to take with them. (Call the salon first. Let them know it's a special occasion and ask if this is okay. Most salons are fine with this?it?s done all the time for bridal parties.) Just make sure to let your girlfriends know about the pedicures, so they don?t schedule one before coming.

If these ideas don?t suit your guests, imagine you visiting you. How would you want to spend the day? Make a list of what you enjoy most about your new town, then consider which things would be feasible for your friends to do while you?re at work.

Your friends are lucky to have a thoughtful, hospitable friend like you. The time you put into making them comfortable while you?re at work will be felt and appreciated.

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Luce's infectious love for cooking and teaching inspires home cooks to reach for new creative heights in their kitchen while keeping food simple and delicious. Luce studied regional cuisine in Tuscany, Italy and has been instructing for the last several years at Williams-Sonoma in Santa Barbara, CA and privately throughout California.

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