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Choosing The Right Lease

There are certain aspects of the lease you should examine when looking for the right apartment building to live in. Here are some aspects of the lease you should consider before you sign any lease:

Length of lease

You are often obligated to sign into a lease for a designated amount of time, typically 12 months. Some apartments offer shorter leases, but often this comes with an increased monthly cost. This may be a college student's only option if living off campus and studying abroad for a semester.

Decide how much room you are going to need. Will you have roommates? Many apartment buildings are flexible when you need to alter your needs (move into a bigger room, etc) but take your living habits into consideration before signing the lease.


Many apartment buildings restrict you from any pets. Others allow only cats, cat and small dogs, or any animal within reason (sorry, no goats, folks). Make sure that you consider what animals you have right now or may want in the future before signing into a lease. There may also be a monthly fee for animals.


If you need a car, pay attention to the parking costs. You may have to pay around $150/month to reserve a parking spot. Some places also offer inside and/or outside parking.


Find out if gas/electric is included in your rent; also some apartment buildings charge a common area fee, application fee, and storage fee.

Find out if you are allowed to sublet your apartment. If you need to leave before your lease is over, this is a good thing to know.

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