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HotPads makes finding your next apartment or or rental house easy! Our map-based search lets you visually search by what you care about: location. Use the map to search rental housing based on its proximity to your work, family, hipster hot spot or your best friend's place... wherever! HotPads lists hundreds of thousands of available, searchable houses for rent, apartments, condo units, townhouses, duplexes and anything else you might want to live in.

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Browsing the Map

Use the location text box to enter a specific city or neighborhood, or drag and zoom the map to zero in on your desired location. Click the US map icon in the top left corner of the map search results to see advanced mapping options, including public transportation stops, schools, colleges, and demographic heat maps that can help you decide where to live.

Search by Monthly Rent, Bedrooms, etc.

Use the search toolbar at the top of the map to choose a range of apartment or house sizes, then enter prices to restrict the rental search results to only those that match your budget, press 'update' and you'll see a map of only the properties you're really interested in. If you like, you can also set advanced search options like building type and size, number of photos, etc to further pare down your results.

Inquiring about a Rental

Whether you've found your perfect apartment, or just want to see if that cheap rental house is for real, asking questions is as easy as pressing a button. Go to the listing's detail page, type your question into the blue contact box in the right column, and your question will be whisked away to that property's manager, owner or agent.

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Other Types of Listings on HotPads

Pet Friendly Apartments Dog Friendly Apartments Cat Friendly Apartments
Corporate Housing for Rent Foreclosures for Sale Land for Sale
Section 8 Housing and Apartments

Renters Guide

Whether you're leasing your first apartment, moving to a new rental house across the country or transitioning to your 19th pad in the same city, you'll always have questions. Luckily, we have the answers for you in our handy Renters Guide.

Here, you can learn everything from What to Look for Before Signing a Lease to The Secrets to Good Credit to The Basics of Renters Insurance and everything in between.

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