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May 2014

Find An Apartment In No Time With These Essential Apps
Wired 5/1/2014
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"Sift through rentals...or homes for sale... You can study photos, floor plans, price comparisons, and even information about local schools. "

Five Best Apartment Search Tools
Lifehacker 5/4/2014
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"Hotpads data is up to date and fresh and the map search is snappy and well featured."

August 2012

New HotPads mobile app allows agents to create listings

Inman News 8/16/2012
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"For-sale and rental property map-based search portal HotPads now allows users to post listings for free, regardless of the number of units a property has, and to create listings on smartphones via a new free mobile Android application."

July 2012

Here's What HotPads Can Do That Other Real Estate Apps Can't

Business Insider 7/30/2012
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"If you're about to move to an unfamiliar area then HotPads could save you time, money and a hassle."

HotPads Announces Trusted Listings Program

Agent Genius 7/30/2011
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"HotPads now features green "Trusted Listing" badges on listings when the company has verified the Realtor behind the listing."

June 2012

12 Cities Where Buying A House Is Cheaper Than Renting

Huffington Post 6/21/2012
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"Purchasing a home is far cheaper than renting in 12 U.S. cities, according to a recent report by HotPads, a real estate search engine."

SOLD! The 12 Best Home Buyers' Markets In America

Business Insider 6/15/2012
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"The latest housing report from HotPads shows that rental price for 2-bedroom units jumped 14.4 in spring 2012 from a year ago, compared to a 4 percent rise in sale prices across 45 major U.S. cities."

Here Are The 12 Best Home Rental Markets Across America

Business Insider 6/13/2012
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"Across 45 major U.S. cities, the rental price for 2-bedroom units jumped 14.4 percent in spring 2012 from a year ago, according to the latest housing report from HotPads. This compared to a 4 percent rise in sale prices."

May 2012

Beyond Craigslist: 10 Sites for Apartment Hunters

Mashable 5/1/2012
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"This map-based search engine is great for anyone who likes to see where a potential apartment lies in relation to neighborhood landmarks and points of interest. It includes rentals, condos and homes for sale."

April 2012

A Home of Your Very Own

Examiner 4/13/2012
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"In the District, studio rental prices rose more than 5 percent in 2011, compared with an increase of 1 percent for two-bedrooms, according to real estate website HotPads."

Land a Pad Without Using Craigslist

Wired 4/5/2012
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" features an interactive map with icons representing different types of available listings."

March 2012

One Cool Thing About Some Of The Real Estate Search Engines

Curbed 3/30/2012
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"There are so many out there and they each are a little different from each other, so we can't tell you which one would be better for you. But what we can tell you is one cool thing each site does. Hotpads: This entirely map-based site lists both rental and for sale properties."

The U.S. Cities Where Buying Beats Renting A Home

Forbes 3/23/2012
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"Home prices have plunged as much as 50% in some metro areas since the housing bubble burst in 2007, where they continue to bounce along the bottom now. Rents, on the other hand, have been rising in many markets over the past several years thanks to a swelling demand fueled by both foreclosed-upon homeowners and prospective buyers either afraid or unable to buy. Zillow, for example, estimates that rentals have risen 3% nationally since January of 2010 and a report from HotPads estimated a 3.75% rental price increase in 2011 for the 20 largest cities."

4 Keys to a Housing Rebound

Nasdaq 3/2/2012
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"With millions of borrowers losing their homes to foreclosure the past few years, and millions of others avoiding home purchases due to their own finances or the uncertain housing market, demand for rental properties has risen sharply since the downturn began. Residential rents rose 11.6 percent in 2010, and another 3.75 percent in 2011, according to rentals property site"

February 2012

HotPads Rolls Out Kindle Fire App

Inman News 2/17/2012
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"HotPads' free Kindle Fire app offers map-based search of for-sale, rental, hotel and vacation rental listings; high-resolution photos; advanced search filters; integration with HotPads' website and other mobile devices; and the ability to mark listings as favorites and email properties."

HotPads releases Kindle Fire App With Native Mapping

AGBeat 2/7/2012
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"HotPads has announced today the launch of the HotPads Kindle Fire app, stating it is 'one of the only Amazon apps with a native-map built right into the application,' creating a map-based interface which the company says consumers have come to expect from them."

Rental REITs Look Ready to Reverse Course

The Street 2/7/2012
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"Rental rates rose an average of 3.75% in 2011 while home prices dropped 1.83% for two-bedroom units in the 20 most populated U.S. metropolitan areas, according to a report by "

January 2012

In SF, still better to rent than buy

San Francisco Chronicle 2/7/2012
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"Home prices have come down, but still not far enough that it makes sense to buy over rent. This is according to a data from, that recently released their 2011 Rental Housing Report. Out of the 20 metro areas, the San Francisco metro area had the highest Buy v. Rent ratio and the highest median listed price for a 2 bedroom."

These Android hotel apps will help you find a roof above your head

Appolicious 1/24/2012
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"HotPads Rentals & Real Estate (free) does a good job providing a little bit of everything under the sun. The app offers listings based on location with listings shown either in list or map form. Potential renters can see detailed pictures, floor plans and price comparisons."

When it comes to high rents, Greater Boston ranks No. 2

Boston Globe 1/19/2012
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"The average listing price for a two bedroom in Boston and the western suburbs is just under $2,000 a month, according to HotPads. The New York metro market weighs in around $2,500 a month."

Report: Rents increased 5% in Baltimore region in 2011

Baltimore Sun 1/18/2012
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"HotPads, which tracked all types of two-bedroom rentals, says the Baltimore metro area's rents were ninth-highest among the largest regions last year."

Rental Prices Climb, Buying Remains More Affordable

AOL Real Estate 1/18/2012
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"Rental prices in the top 20 most-populated metro areas climbed 3.75 percent in 2011, while home prices dropped by 1.83 percent, according to a report by, a rental listing service that also generates data on the rental housing market. The measurements were based on the median prices of two-bedroom rentals and homes in the 20 cities."

To Rent or Buy: A Quick Price Guide To America's 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets

Business Insider 1/16/2012
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"It still looks to be a buyer's market rather than a rental one, according to the latest data released by The rental price for 2-bedroom units jumped 3.75% in 2011, compared to a 1.83% fall in sale prices across the top-20 most populated metros in the U.S."

The Housing Crisis at Home 1/12/2012
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"The demand for rental homes, and rent, is rising while demand to purchase homes remains low. Since banks are bivouacking at reluctance when it comes to offering mortgages to everyday American citizens, the situation is unlikely to change soon. lists the current median rental cost in Lansing at $1,500 a month."

Fifteen More Startups Poised to Make Waves in 2012

7x7 Magazine 1/5/2012
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"Now it's time to identify 15 more local companies, some big, some small, that are already having impacts, some local, some global, in a dozen different sectors of the economy. "

2011′s Genius50 Power Moves

AGBeat 1/1/2011
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"With the release of the first Android tablets in 2011, the race was on for which companies would be the first to offer an app on the Honeycomb operating system. In the real estate search race, underdog won, months before any of their competitors"

November 2011

Rental Business in Chattanooga Remains Strong Through Recession 11/28/2011
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"According to real estate research firm, rents nationwide jumped 11.6 percent in 2010 to $1,320 a month."

The Best (and worst) Apartment Rental Sites

Money Talks News 11/23/2011
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"If you're an organizational nut like me, you'll love the interactive map on HotPads. Each apartment listing appears on the map as a color-coded HotSpot." Clicking a hotspot pulls up the listing, and from there you can hide the apartment or add it to your favorites. Hiding a listing removes the hotspot, while adding to your favorites puts a star on the map. After sorting all the listings, you're left with one easy map showing you which apartments you want to look at."

HotPads Launches Discovery Engine for Property Managers as Rentals Continue to Heat Up

AGBeat 11/18/2011
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"Real estate search company has announced a new search tool called "Property Management Finder" which the company tells us is "designed to make the lives of property managers and owners much easier." The tool is a product of the company's users trying to filter down to the management company behind a listing, thus a discovery engine for local property managers was born."

A Satellite Tour of America's Foreclosure Wastelands

Business Insider 11/18/2011
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"Foreclosures are picking up around the country as banks recover from the robosigning scandal. To visualize the crisis we used maps from"

Landlords No Fans of Fido

New York Times 11/03/2011
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"As befits his profession as a lawyer, Mr. Jaklitsch is skilled at negotiating - in this case for the amount of rent, whether the costs of heat, hot water and 'electricity are included, and certainly for any extra fees associated with having a dog in an apartment. But everywhere he turns, he said - to Craigslist, to a site called or to landlords themselves - the response to his inquiries so far has been a resounding 'No!'"

October 2011

Picking Over the Low End

Wall Street Journal 10/17/2011
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"With a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 4.1% interest, Mr. Centrone's 320-square-foot studio would cost $363.49 a month plus a $308.35 maintenance fee. The median rental price for a studio on Staten Island is currently $1,235 a month, according to real-estate site"

The Download: Can a Billion-Dollar Tech Company Be Built in D.C. Alone?

Washington Post 10/09/2011
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"Real estate finder relocated to San Francisco over the summer after six years in Washington when its Georgetown lease expired. The firm had several positions to fill and thought the applicant pool might be deeper out West."

September 2011

Cashing in on Rental Property

CNN Money 9/2/2011
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"Meanwhile, demand for rentals has risen in more than 500 cities, according to recent Census data. That, in turn, has enabled landlords to charge more., a real estate research firm, reports that rents nationwide jumped 11.6% in 2010, to $1,320 a month."

August 2011

Housing Search Engine HotPads Joins the Party in San Francisco

7x7 Magazine 8/23/2011
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"As entrepreneurs from all over pour into San Francisco to participate in the latest tech boom, rents are rising across the city. And one of the best ways to gauge that rise is to check out HotPads, the map-based housing search engine and listings service."

Best Apps For Living on Your Own

IntoMobile 8/23/2011
Full Article

"Unless you're moving into a dorm room, you're going to need to find a place to live and while you can always go to Craigslist, I like the HotPads service and app. The layout on the web app is very easy to decipher, it's full of information and the mobile apps for the iPhone and Android are perfect compliments for when you're on the go due to its location-based services"

Is HotPads Lasso Search an Alternative to Google Hotel Finder Shape Drawing?

TNOOZ 8/08/2011
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"But, compare and contrast the way Google handles its new hotel search by shapes with Lasso Search on, a real estate and hotel search engine. If you are looking for an apartment rental on HotPads in the Fenway section of Boston, for instance, you merely grab a lasso icon, drag it to the Fenway area on your map and "lasso" the area where you might want to rent."

Another New Hotel Booking App: HotPads

Hotel Chatter 8/03/2011
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"The advantage of using HotPads for a hotel search is obviously the map. HotPads has created their own mapping application and does not rely on Bing or Google Maps. Still, the map works pretty much the same way--you can zoom in and out and see local landmarks, institutions, etc but not with the same detail of the others. However, they've got some cute building icons for houses, apartment buildings and hotels."

5 Android Apps for Mobile Apartment Searching

CNET 8/01/2011
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"HotPads allows you to set filters before you even begin your search. Pick the number of bedrooms and type of property you're seeking (rental, for sale, or even a hotel), and you're set. When the results of your search criteria appear, they are mapped out with small yellow-orange buildings."

July 2011

A Suburban Dream in Ramsey, Minus the Mowing 7/17/2011
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"They hunted for homes online through the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service as well as on, a map-based real estate search website. 'My 8-year-old showed it to me,' marvels Coury."

Landlord's Market Means Rent For Houses On The Rise Locally

KSBY 7/07/2011
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"Rents are on the rise as more people are looking to lease a house these days rather than rent an apartment or buy a house. A recent study from found the price for rental listings has gone up seven percent in the past year."

National Rental Prices Climb in June

Inman News 7/06/2011
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"Rental listing prices nationwide rose 6.7 percent year-over-year in June, according to a report from real estate search site HotPads."

Renters See Prices Skyrocket

Smart Money, WSJ 7/05/2011
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"Nationwide, the average rate for apartment and home rentals is up 6.7% from June 2010, according to a new report from housing search engine Prices for studio apartments are up 14.3%, and a five-bedroom home is 12.1% more. One- and two-bedrooms got off relatively easy, with average increases of 2.3% and 2%, respectively." HQ San Francisco Office Preview

Tech Cocktail 7/04/2011
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" has been operating from Washington, D.C. since 2005 as one of the first visual searches for real estate and apartment rentals. This past May they opened up a West Coast office in San Francisco as they look to continue growing and innovating for their 3 million+ monthly unique visitors."

Home Rentals on Rise in DFW

MyFox, DFW 7/04/2011
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"Across the country, listing prices of rental homes are up almost 7% last month, compared to the same time last year, according to HotPads."

Rental Property Prices Up 6.7% in 2011

The Street 7/01/2011
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" analyzed changes in rental prices during the 12-month period and found that five-bedroom properties for rent experienced a similarly steep price increase of 12.1%, far outpacing the price hikes for rentals with one to four bedrooms."

Rents Are on the Rise

Market Watch 7/01/2011
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"Rent prices are on the rise, according to a data released this week from The listing prices of rental homes are up almost 7% in June, compared with a year ago, the housing-search site reported."

June 2011

Daily Realty Check

CNBC News 6/30/2011
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"Rent's are up 6.7% compared to a year ago, this according to"

Rental Prices Rise 6.7% in 2011

Housing Wire 6/30/2011
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"The cost of renting a home increased by nearly 7% between June 2010 and June of this year in yet another sign of the country?s increasing demand for rentals, a new report shows"

Rental Prices Rise 6.7% as Americans Sour on Homeownership

Housing Wire 6/30/2011
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"HotPads' study is in line with analyst projections that show pent-up demand for rental housing in the wake of the credit crunch."

Great News for Landlords, Rental Market Report

Agent Genius 6/29/2011
Full Article

"A new report released by real estate search site reveals that residential rental listing prices have jumped 6.7% from June 2010 with the fringe listings of studio and five bedroom apartments escalating most rapidly."

Renting: It's a Landlord's Market

NPR, Marketplace 6/24/2011
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"Douglas Pope of the housing site says that's a huge shift for tenants who've gotten used to being in the power position. Rental units on Hotpads have shot up almost 7 percent in the last year. Pope says that's partly because new renters are moving in and the older ones aren't moving on."

For Renters-to-Be, the High-Tech Lowdown

New York Times 6/02/2011
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"HotPads, introduced in 2005 after the founders became frustrated by their own postgraduate apartment searches, has 55,000 active apartment listings in New York, all plotted on a map. It also has a tools to help narrow the hunt. One of those tools, 'HotSpots,' allows you to get a general sense of whether you can afford a particular neighborhood, overlaying dots of different colors on a map to show listings and their price per bedroom. "

May 2011

5 Tips for Finding a Good Landlord

San Francisco Chroncile 5/26/2011
Full Article

"Being transparent about the rental property is perhaps the most important quality," acknowledges Paul Gleger, director of communications at"

The Download: Two Washington Start-ups Move West

Washington Post 5/23/2011
Full Article

"After six years in the District, property finder HotPads will relocate to San Francisco in July. Chief executive Matt Corgan said the new digs should make it easier to recruit engineers for his growing staff."

New Tech Company Moves to the Mission

Mission Local 5/23/2011
Full Article

"HotPads, a real estate search engine, is the new startup in the neighborhood. The company moved from Washington, D.C., to its new office on 16th and Valencia in order to tap into the wealth of web developers and take advantage of the neighborhood's restaurants and bars, said co-founder Douglas Pope."

HotPads Goes West

Washington Business Journal 5/20/2011
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"For HotPads, which boasts a team of 20 and about 5 million monthly visitors, the relocation will give them access to the Bay Area's pool of software developers and entrepreneurs and a 'unique consumer web ecosystem,' the company said in a statement." to Move Headquarters from DC to San Francisco

Silicon Valley Wire 5/20/2011
Full Article

", developer of a map-based housing search engine, said on Friday it plans to relocate its headquarters from Washington, DC to San Francisco by mid-summer. The company said the move will allow it to tap the Bay Area's vast developer talent, as well as more easily collaborate with potential partners and clients."

HotPads Headquarters Moving From D.C. to San Francisco This Summer

Agent Genius 5/20/2011
Full Article

"HotPads recognizes the six years since they launched in D.C. as healthy, vibrant years but are enthusiastic about entering San Fran's respected developer community, immerse itself in the unique consumer web ecosystem, and collaborate more closely with other entrepreneurial ventures in the Bay Area."

My Remote Controlled Life

Real Estate Weekly 5/18/2011
Full Article

", a map that pinpoints available listings using bright yellow house-shaped icons, rely on data provided by Maponics. Both are newer companies, up and coming, and are getting a lot of buzz really quickly.

NYC's Wealthy, Leery of Buying, Embrace Super-Pricey Rentals

am New York 5/12/2011
Full Article

", a New York listings website, conducted a study last year noting that demand drove median rental prices up 9 percent last year, while sale prices dropped 6.8 percent. 'That shift is much higher than we've seen in the past,' said Paul Gleger of HotPads. 'We saw the opposite taking place during the housing peak of 2006.'"

Six Tips to Getting the Best Deal on Your Rent

Wall Street Journal 5/07/2011
Full Article

" features rental and for-sale home listings from 400 partners, including multiple-listing services and brokerage companies. also shows how rentals compare with others in the area."

HotPads Rolls Out Personalized Real Estate Search

Inman News 5/06/2011
Full Article

"Seeing these points in relationship to listings makes the search much more personalized and meaningful."

Unique Real Estate Search Feature Spotted on - MyPoints

Agent Genius 5/05/2011
Full Article.

"Consumers are more interested in convenience in this era of high gas costs combined with heightened social awareness to environmental issues, and it only makes sense for consumers to be able to visually pinpoint their own important points of interest. "MyPoints" makes that process easy and customizable."

Six Tips to Finding the Best Deals on Rent

Market Watch 5/04/2011
Full Article

"Another option is using a search engine, such as, which features both rental and for-sale home listings from 400 partners, including multiple-listing services and brokerage companies."

If Craigslist Spam Is Killing Your Rental Search...

Kuchinsky Law Firm 5/04/2011
Full Blog Post.

" is a fantastic website if you are looking for a rental. Hotpads aggregates information from websites and listing services and presents the information graphically on a map. It also allows you to filter by price, number of bedroom and zipcode (and there is also more advanced filtering). So far, I have found that the filtering works well. If I click on a house, it is actually in the neighborhood on the map in the price range set in the filter."

April 2011

A Slew of Mobile Apps Put Home-Sale Data in the Palm of Your Hand‎

Daily Herald 4/30/2011

"Popular real estate websites like,, and others offer free mobile apps with tools like mortgage calculators, that help simplify a home hunt."

Baltimore Rents Up, Home Prices Down

Baltimore Sun 4/27/2011
Full Article

", a real estate site that shows both rental and for-sale listings, says rents in Baltimore have jumped nearly 5 percent in the last year while asking prices for city homes on the market have slumped nearly 30 percent."

Rental Rates Climb as Sale Prices Dip

Inman News 4/26/2011
Full Article

"Rental listing prices nationwide jumped 7.4 percent in the last year while for sale listing prices dropped 8.8 percent, according to a report from property search site HotPads."

5 Steps to Make Your Property a Hot Rental

Reuters 4/20/2011
Full Article

Advertising online is one of the fastest, most effective way to get your property noticed. Major listing sites such as are far better lead generators and less expensive than their print counterparts, says Tony Drost, 2011 president of the National Association of Residential Property Management. "What's great about these sites is that you are not limited in space like you are with a classified. You definitely get more bang for your buck," he says.

Finding A Summer Sublet in Chicago

UrbanTurf 4/14/2011
Full Article

" also allows users to search by lease length. The site offers a wide variety of options, including this inexpensive $595 per month two bedroom in the North Center and, on the higher end, this two-bedroom, two-bath unit at Wabash and Huron that rents for $4,500. We also like this South Loop one-bedroom/den unit that rents for $1,350 per month."

HotPads Introduces iPad App

Tech Cocktail 4/12/2011
Full Article.

"With HotPads' iPad app taking off (over 1,100 downloads in 1 week), there are no signs of the company slowing down. They just released the first housing search app designed specifically for tablets running the Honeycomb version of the Android OS."

HotPads Releases Real Estate App for Android Tablets

Property Portal Magazine 4/11/2011
Full Article

"Property search site Hotpads launched a free real estate application for tablets running on the Honeycomb version of Google's Android platform."

HotPads Launches Real Estate App for Android Tablets

Inman News 4/08/2011
Full Article

"Before yesterday, Honeycomb had no dedicated real estate app -- now that's changed."

Race to be the First Real Estate Search App for Honeycomb

Agent Genius 4/08/2011
Full Article.

"Real estate search site has won the race to be first to Honeycomb, the operating system used on Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom with other tablets soon to hit the market."

Buying, Renting Home for Relocation

MyFoxHouston 4/07/2011
Watch the Video!

"Another great tool to use is HotPads, they have a fabulous iPad app and's a great tool to find properties around your area."

Real estate high jinks on April Fools' Day

Inman News 4/1/2011
Full Article.

"HotPads discovers correlation between home prices and alien sightings: Property search site HotPads reported today that its research team had discovered "an unreasonably strong correlation" between alien sightings and national home prices."

HotPads Introduces iPad App

Tech Cocktail 4/1/2011
Full Article.

"Their iPad app, which is available as a free download from iTunes, offers great features like navigating a map while browsing property details all on one screen, marking and saving search results as favorites, and inquiring about properties right from you iPad."

March 2011

HotPads Launches their First Generation iPad App

Agent Genius 3/31/2011
Full Article.

"If you have an iPad, we recommend downloading the app and checking it out so you know what your consumers are looking at and how your listings render."

HotPads Real Estate iPad App Goes Live

Inman News 3/31/2011
Full Article.

"Property search site HotPads has launched a free mobile application for Apple's tablet device, the iPad. The site also released a redesigned version of its Android app today, and the site recently updated its iPhone app."

Mobile Apps Put Researching, Buying and Selling a Home Right In the Palm of Your Hand

Las Vegas Review-Journal 3/29/2011
Full Article.

"This ever-increasing online dependency, combined with the surge in the popularity of mobile devices, has led to a rise in real estate-geared mobile apps that enable homebuyers, sellers and agents to be more productive while out and about."

HotPads Updates iPhone Real Estate App

Inman News 3/09/2011
Full Article.

"The second incarnation of the iPhone app includes more search filters and a redesigned user interface that allows users to search directly from its map view."

February 2011

HotPads gets colorful to help you find the best housing values

TheNextWeb 2/24/2011
Full Article.

"We're continually impressed with the results that we find on HotPads. In fact, it's where I found the house in which I'm now living. If the color codes had been in place then, my search would likely have gone a lot faster. I happened to find one of those inexpensive gems in a sea of gems, and now you can too."

Real Estate Map Tool Displays Color-Coded Cost Comparisons

Inman News 2/15/2011
Full Article.

"The ability to see hundreds of properties on one screen, categorized by price and location ... reduces the time it takes to spot and send an inquiry to a hot property."

Map Your Housing Search With HotPads

Fast Company 2/14/2011
Full Article.

"The DC-based startup launched a new feature, which helps you quickly visualize the priciest and cheapest listings in any area."

HotPads Adds HotSpots, Results Color Coordinated by Price

Agent Genius 2/14/2011
Full Article.

"This all just makes so much sense and the way the map markers renders is fast, fluid and very clean unlike Google Maps which has the pop up 3d map markers that aren't actually easy to see."

Real Estate Search Engine HotPads Sees 260% Growth Since Last Year

TheNextWeb 2/7/2011
Full Article.

"If you have not played with their interactive map yet, I suggest you do now as it totally changes the way you search for property."

January 2011

HotPads Continues to Grow, Names New Talent

Agent Genius 1/31/2011
Full Article.

" announced that former President of, Jamie Clymer has joined the HotPads team as the new Vice President and General Manager of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service."

In Washington, Revival of the Technology Scene

New York Times 1/30/2011
Full Article.

"Among the 118 companies featured on the site, up from 40 in December, are HotPads, a map-based real estate search engine, HelloWallet, an independent personal finance Web site, and SB Nation, an online network of sports communities."

Attention Renters: Buying Is Now Cheaper 1/27/2011
Full Article.

", a site that lets consumers compare renting with owning, shows "heat maps" of different markets based on the costs of both choices."

Lasso Your Next NYC Apartment with a Flick of the Mouse 1/24/2011
Full Article.

"Here's an interesting way to search for an apartment: Instead of typing in zip codes or neighborhoods, pull up a map, draw a line around your desired neighborhood, and then take a leisurely stroll with your mouse across the listings caught inside your real estate net."

HotPads Rides the Cold Market

Real Estate Weekly 1/19/2011
Full Article.

"HotPads has grown into a residential listings juggernaut, amassing millions of monthly page views and listing millions of apartments each year."

5 Stocks to Profit From the Boom in Rentals

The Motley Fool 1/18/2011

"There's a boom going on that many investors haven't heard about: apartment rentals. As more Americans forgo owning homes and decide to rent, rental prices are rising"

Top 10 Free Real Estate Android Apps

Inman News 1/8/2011

"Search for rentals, for-sale homes, vacation rental homes, and hotels nearby or by address; see detailed listings information and photos; get directions to listings; share listings through e-mail or Facebook; find contact information related to for-rent and for-sale properties."

Rent Prices Rose 12% Last Year

Market Watch 1/7/2011

"The average cost of renting a place to live increased about 12% in 2010 while the average price of homes for sale dropped almost 10%, according to, a site that lists homes for rent and sale."

Real Estate Listing Prices Down, Rents Rise in 2010

Inman News 1/6/2011

"Economic uncertainty and a growing number of people losing their homes to foreclosure in 2010 drove rents up as prices of for-sale homes dropped, according to a report by property search site"

December 2011

National Trends Could Drag Down D.C. Area Housing Market's Gains

The Washington Post, 12/30/2010

"Sellers could become overconfident and stall sales. The most recent price statistics about the Washington area are exactly what sellers have been waiting for - a reason to resist reducing their asking prices, said Marc McGee, business development director at the real estate search engine"

HotPads Launches School-Based Housing Search

UrbanTurf 12/7/2010

"Housing search engine announced a new function today that allows users to search for properties on the market by school attendance zones. School attendance zones (not to be confused with school districts) are the boundaries that define which households in a certain area are able to attend specific public schools."

10 D.C. Start-Ups You Need To Know About

TheNextWeb 12/1/2010

"HotPads boasts a larger database than Craigslist, over 450,000 rental units, and has been growing steadily to 2 million unique users per month. On HotPads, their interactive heat maps make it easy to search by schools, politics, median age and median rent pulling in information from census bureaus and other government databases. With a unique user experience, their site is one of the best to include in your next housing search."

October 2010

Are foreclosure rates higher in Democratic or Republican districts? 10/28/2010

"Real estate search site has released an interactive heat map that links political party affiliation of districts to the housing market, with their first map release in 2008. Today, the 2010 interactive map has been released, revealing shocking results."

HotPads Foreclosure Maps Heat Up Congressional Elections

San Francisco Chronicle 10/22/2010

"The 2010 congressional heat map outlines all 435 districts and shows the foreclosure environments in each. Zooming into the map unveils the districts' party affiliation and informs users about local housing conditions, making it an indispensable tool for anyone following US politics."

How the real estate 'Webby' awards were won:, Zillow

Inman News, 5/4/2010

"Sites judged on content, navigation, aesthetic[...] For-sale and rental site is the winner of a "Webby Award" in the real estate category, with taking home a "People's Voice" award. Also nominated in the real estate category were Naked Apartments, Trulia and The New York Times's Real Estate Section."

New tech: Augmented reality for real estate search

The Associated Press, 4/16/2010

"So-called augmented reality technology works on mobile phones like the iPhone 3GS or models with Google's Android operating system. It uses the phones' camera, GPS, compass and Internet features to conjure a computer-enhanced, virtual overlay of objects in one's surroundings. The concept is similar to a heads-up display one might find in a jet fighter cockpit."
Never Mind the Valley: Here's Washington DC
Read Write Web, 2/24/2010

"The words "fat cats in Washington" have been uttered in every corner of the nation from Texas to the Bay, yet DC's tech scene is anything but sluggish. Companies like AOL, Nextel, MCI and Uunet found early success in the region and since then, a slew of young entrepreneurs have emerged to follow suit.[...]ReadWriteWeb caught up with some of the industry's movers and shakers to find out what the DC scene has to offer for entrepreneurs."

Real Estate Portals Adopting Rental Search
The Associated Press, 1/15/2010

"The decisions come as more people are shut out of the housing market. Some 30 percent of households rent, but that figure is growing amid high unemployment, rising foreclosures and tighter mortgage lending standards.[...] "A lot of times we now notice that a home will be listed both for rent and for sale on our site, because the homeowners are having trouble selling the home," says Douglas Pope, co-founder of real estate search site"

Real Estate Comeback? The Phone's Ready
The New York Times, 01/12/2010

"Is the real estate market making a comeback? I have no idea, but if it is, your phone is ready. Two new real estate apps are being released this week. [...] Android's also in the house hunt. A new free app for the OS called HotPads was announced on Monday. It not only searches for homes for sale, but also for apartments, rentals properties and hotels." offers Android app
Inman News, 01/11/2010

"Real estate search site has launched an application for smartphones running Google's Android operating system that allows map-based searches of the sites' 4 million for-sale listings and 350,000 rentals. HotPads' Android application can execute "location based" searches by detecting a user's location using their phones Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite capabilities, or users can enter a property address."

Apartment hunting in Silicon Valley moves online
Silicon Valley Mercury News, 11/01/2009

"Last month, nearly 47 million people searched the Web for rental and for-sale housing nationwide, 13 percent more searches than in September 2008, according to comScore Media Metrix. And many in the rental-housing-search business expect online traffic to keep increasing as more people turn to the Web for information and the troubled economy keeps homes out of the reach of many."

Software puts captions on the real world
The Boston Globe, 09/24/2009

"The world around us is getting something it's needed for a long time: captions.[...] Even so, Layar or Yelp will help you quickly find nearby points of interest. And Layar lets developers build new databases and add captions to just about anything. One database, called HotPads, highlights housing for sale or rental;

Five Best Apartment Search Tools
lifehacker, 08/16/2009

"Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite ways to find apartments. We've tallied up the votes and now we're back to showcase the five most popular tools you use to find yourself some new digs. [...] HotPads approaches apartment search in a novel way. In addition to offering the basic city/price searches found in any apartment search engine, HotPads has heat maps."

The Top 100 Websites of 2009
PC Magazine, 07/27/2009

"Our picks for the hottest Web sites and Web trends of the year, plus some old favorites to enjoy... Despite its name, is not your resource for natural relief of back pain, it's a real-estate resource! Just enter in your ZIP code and you'll find a handy map full of listings for rentals, sales, foreclosures, and even vacation rentals and hotels. "

Trulia, HotPads win Webby Awards
Inman News, 05/06/2009 was named the "People's Voice" winner in the real estate category. This award is determined by the online community[...]Among the judging criteria: content, structure and navigation, aesthetic, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience of the site.

HotPads: Smarter Map-Based Search for Finding Housing
Mashable, 04/13/2009

"Genius Idea: If you're in the market for a new home, vacation property, or rental, you can turn to Craigslist, iList, or dozens of other online classifieds sites to help you in your search. But, most of these options aren't tailored to the best search experience for your housing-related needs. HotPads, however, keeps it simple with interactive map-based search results for everything from apartments to hotels and even recently foreclosed homes." -- The Map for Rentals, Foreclosures, Vacation Homes, Real Estate
Kilplinger's, 03/27/2009

"Enter, a site that does all of these things. The company boilerplate says "HotPads strives to build the most comprehensive, interactive marketplace of real estate and location-based services, presented with an innovative user interface and a memorable brand." It does a pretty good job living up to that hype."

HotPads Drops Its Hot Maps On Vacation Home Rentals
TechCrunch, 03/26/2009

"But finding a vacation home to rent out can be a real chore...Enter HotPads, the real estate site that is all about maps. It just added a "vacation" tab to its site, which lets your search for 20,000 vacation home rentals across the U.S. Results are plotted on a map, which is really convenient when you want to know how far away from the beach or the ski slopes the property is. Results can also be sorted by price and availability, which show up when you mouse over any given house icon."

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