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HotPads Launches Featured Listings

Realtors and Property Managers, Make Your Homes Move!

Houses to sell? Apartments to rent? Get them noticed with our Featured Listings.

With over 100,000 unique rental listings and 1,000,000 homes for sale, HotPads has quickly become one of the largest real estate portals on the Internet. Our innovative map-based search makes HotPads one of the most popular websites for housing shoppers, with millions of visitors looking to find that one perfect place.

But with so many high quality listings on HotPads, housing providers have been looking for new ways to make their listings stand out.

Now you can ensure that your properties will be noticed with HotPads Featured Listings.

What are Featured Listings?
Featured Listings are a way for housing providers to make their properties stand out from the crowd. Given the immense numbers of both rental and for-sale listings on HotPads, you may find that you are looking for a way to spotlight your property. By featuring your listings, you ensure that our users see your property. In fact, Featured Listings are clicked and viewed on average 5 times as frequently as regular, non-featured listings. Being seen more often means more clicks and more leads!

What You Get
Featured Listings emphasize your HotPads listings in two powerful ways:

1. A big blue box in the upper right corner of the map screen that displays your property name and photo.

2. We replace your property icon with a huge contrasting icon that will immediately draw users' attention to your property.

With your properties displayed on our maps as visually stunning building icons and can't-miss preview panes, there's no way your Featured Listings will go unnoticed by housing shoppers!

Setting a Price

Advertising is not one-size fits all. We think that advertising should be customizable to each housing provider based on their individual demands, needs, and budgets.

Because of this, HotPads has initiated a pricing plan that is left up to YOU, the housing provider.

So, YOU determine how much you want to spend on featuring your listings, as well as the duration of your featured listing campaigns... from as low as $5!

You can set the Cost Per Day (CPD) per property and the Number of Days to feature you properties. You can also determine the duration of the campaign as well: one day, one month, 344 days... whatever your need is.


The way we determine how often to display your listing is on an "Auction Basis." Say, for example you set the maximum Cost Per Day to be $4 and another provider in the same market sets their's to be $1. We will then display your featured listings 4 times as frequently as those of the person with a CPD of $1.

If you have any questions about pricing, please do not hesitate to call us at (563) Buy-Rent [289-7368]!
More details on pricing

Displaying Your Featured Listing

Since you are paying for users to view your property more often, it is important that your featured listings are only showed to relevant users. Therefore, we will only feature your listing when it matches the search criteria of a particular user.

We match your featured listing campaigns with various criteria from our users including:

Category We will only show your "for sale" listings when a user is searching in the "For Sale" or "Buy vs. Rent" search portals. That means you won't be getting impressions from renters who are not looking to buy at this time.

Geography If your property is in Washington, DC, it will only be displayed when our users are searching for properties in DC.

Pricing We match the pricing in your featured listings with the price range specified by the user. If your property is above or below the monthly payments or total payment that a user wants to pay, then your listing will not be displayed.

Type Similarly, if a user specified that (s)he is looking for an apartment in a large community and you have a featured single family home, you will not be charged for an impression.

Basically, we strive to ensure that you receive additional leads. To do this, we ensure that your featured listings are displayed only when they match the search criteria of a particular user. This means that your featured property will not be displayed when it is not relevant to the user and thus you will not be charged for views by mismatched housing shoppers.

Get started Featuring your Listings!

Don't forget that regular listings on HotPads are still COMPLETELY FREE of charge. So to get the most exposure for your company, have all of your properties shown on HotPads!

Thank you for using HotPads and, as always, please don't hesitate to provide us with any suggestions or feedback that you see fit. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at (202) 232-1581 or email Darrell Pierre, our Director of Business development, directly at

We want to thank everyone for their continued support. We thrive on your input, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, concerns, or feedback.

--The Team at
Matt Corgan, Douglas Pope, Darrell Pierre, Colleen Corgan, Kevin Reiser, Doug Lewis, David Peters, Tim Licata, Matt Komorowski, Keith Sanders, & Bobby Singh

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