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2008 Newsletters

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2008 Newsletters

Emergency Housing + Land For Sale

  • Disaster Relief: With hurricane season in full effect, HotPads has partnered with HUD in providing a disaster relief housing resource

  • Land for Sale: Now users can search for "Land for Sale" in the same way they can search for apartments for rent, homes for sale, and foreclosure properties!

HotPads End of Summer Update

  • Fox Business News: HotPads co-founder Douglas Pope appears twice on Fox Business News to discuss the Housing Crisis and the new Housing Bill.

  • Rent Ratio Heat Maps: HotPads introduces Rent Ratio Heat Maps to visually illustrate where it is better to rent or buy.

Extreme Makeover: HotPads Edition

  • New Home Page: HotPads introduces a drastically redesigned homepage for the first time since launch in 2005.

  • New Map:HotPads unveils a sleek new mapping interface with updated menus, toolbars, previews, icons, everythign!

  • New Full View Listing: The improvements also carry over to the full view listing, where rearranged information and a new interface improve usability!

HotPads introduces Foreclosure Listings & HeatMaps

  • Foreclosure Heat Maps: With foreclosure rates at record highs, HotPads has given our users a way to track and chart the housing crisis with easy to use heat maps.

  • Foreclosure Listings: HotPads introduces a new search functionality: foreclosures. Users can now search for foreclosed houses.

HotPads.com Launches Featured Listings

  • Featured Listings: HotPads unveils a way for property managers and housing providers to make their properties stand out from the crowd: featured listings!

Holiday Newsletter from HotPads.com

  • HotPads Turns 2: HotPads celebrated our 2nd birthday by eating a cake and giving our users "For Sale Housing"

  • For Sale Housing: We introduce a "For Sale" housing search, with 500,000 listings.

  • Buy vs. Rent: HotPads launches first "Buy vs. Rent" search engine to help users decide whether they should rent or buy

  • Buy vs. Rent Calculator: HotPads also developed a Buy vs. Rent calculator to help users figure out whether renting or buying will leave them better off financially

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