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Performance Listings Details


Performance Listings are higher-priority listings on HotPads that increase your listing's presence in relation to the others, ensuring that your listing is among the first our users see. Not only do you get higher placement levels, but we also highlight Performance Listings across all of HotPads.
Free, detailed listings

It is completely free to create a detailed Performance Listing on HotPads. You can include as many photos and floor plans of your property as you wish, as well provide a detailed description with pricing & lease terms. Thus, you can provide our users with all of the relevant information necessary to ensure that you get only high-qualified, informed housing shopper inquiries.

$15 per inquiry

You pay only $15 per email and phone lead with HotPads Performance Listings. You will receive a notification to your contact e-mail that a user has sent you an inquiry and you will be prompted to pay $15 to receive it. You may also establish a line of credit that allows you to automatically see all inquiries without having to pay each time.

Max 1 inquiry per user email address

You will only be charged for one inquiry per user. Multiple inquiries from the same user email address will not result in additional charges, nor will you be charged for any follow up inquiries.

Max 5 inquiries per property per day

Regardless of how many email inquiries you receive in a day, you will only be charged for the first five. Therefore, the maximum amount that you will be charged in a day is $75 or 5 inquiries at $15 a piece.

Payable by check or credit card

You can pay for your performance listings by check or credit card through our secure system. (You can also pay by credit card over the phone if you prefer.)

There are 3 options available to you:

  • Pay per inquiry: you can manually pay by credit card every time an inquiry is received

  • Establish a credit: You can establish a credit line that will be automatically deducted from each time an inquiry is made

  • Monthly Invoices: You can opt to receive a monthly invoice at the end of each month. These will be sent via email, but paper invoices may be requested.

Pay only for legitimate inquiries

You will not be charged for any spam or "throw-away" inquiries. If you believe that an inquiry that you have received is not legitimate, simply forward that inquiry to us ( After we review it and determine that the inquiry was indeed illegitimate, we will ensure that you receive a full credit back for the inquiry that will be applied to future inquiries. Note: Legitimate inquiries that just happen to not turn into a sale will not be refunded.

Listings may not request phone calls over emails

Listers may not encourage user's to call rather than email in any way. (Hey, this is how HotPads keeps the lights on!)

Please contact us with any other questions at

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