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Pay for Performance Listings

HotPads Performance Listings... putting your property ahead of the crowd.

Are you an apartment community with multiple units looking for a way to fill your vacancies? HotPads has a great platform for you to get your properties the exposure they need with HotPads Performance Listings.

Get More Attention:

  • High-level placement: Your Performance Listing will be shown on the higher zoom levels so that our users see your property first. As the user continues to hone in on a particular area, your listing will remain positioned above all other normal listings on our map-based search.

  • Larger, apartment building icon: Your Performance Listing will be represented by a larger, more attention-grabbing icon than normal listings, ensuring that your property receives the attention it deserves.

  • Highlighted throughout the site: Your Performance Listing will be highlighted throughout the site as a "recommended listing" on the homepage and in full listings and as a "featured listing" on our map and text searches so housing shoppers will be continuously directed toward your property.

Pay Per Inquiry:

Performance Listings are on a "pay-per-inquiry" basis:
  • Free, detailed listings

  • $15 per email and phone lead

Feature Your Listings

Those who prefer a flat-fee model may opt out of the Performance Listing platform by Featuring Their Listings. Featured Listings are an effective and affordable way to promote your listing!

Learn more about Featured Listings

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