Lead Post Callback

Lead Post Callback


Lead Delivery HTTP POST Callback

In certain cases, a lead posting API is needed instead of sending email leads. HotPads offers an HTTP POST callback with a standard set of parameters:

  • listingId* (your listing id in the feed)
  • name
  • email*
  • phone (as entered, may include extensions)
  • movingDate (yyyyMMdd)
  • numBedroomsSought (0,1,2,3 etc. where 0=studio)
  • numBathroomsSought (1,2,3 etc.)
  • message
  • listingStreet (the street address of your listing)
  • listingUnit (the unit # of your listing if applicable)
  • listingCity
  • listingPostalCode
  • listingState
  • listingContactEmail (the email address the lead would be sent to, if it weren't being posted via this api)


Most fields will usually be filled out, but only listingId and email will always be present. Your server should return standard http codes, 200 if accepted or 5xx depending on error response.

When you've implemented a handler for these requests, let us know its URL and we will route your leads accordingly.


Example POST


POST /request HTTP/1.1
content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
host: hotpads.com
content-length: 277