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Example Vacation Feed XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <hotPadsItems version="2.1"> <!-- companies are optional --> <!-- include multiple --> <!-- id (required) is the company ID in your system --> <Company id="company2"> <name>Revlon Realty</name> <!-- limit of 255 characters for URL --> <website>http://somesite.com</website> <!-- limit of 255 characters for URL --> <CompanyLogo source="http://yoursite.com/path/to/logo.gif" /> </Company> <!-- id (required) is the unique identifier in your system --> <!-- type (required) must be one of the following: RENTAL, SALE, CORPORATE, SUBLET, ROOM, FORECLOSURE, NEW_HOME, VACATION --> <!-- companyId (optional) from company section above --> <!-- propertyType (required) must be one of the following: CONDO = single unit in a community or building, HOUSE = single family house, TOWNHOUSE = townhouse or rowhouse--> <Listing id="abc123" type="VACATION" companyId="company2" propertyType="CONDO"> <!-- name & location --> <name>The Willows at Yorkshire</name> <!-- apartment unit # if needed --> <unit>55C</unit> <!-- if hide is true, the street address will be hidden from users --> <street hide="false">124 Main St.</street> <city>El Paso</city> <state>CT</state> <zip>00040</zip> <country>US</country> <!-- ISO Country Codes only. see http://www.iso.org/iso/iso3166_en_code_lists.txt --> <!-- lat/long are optional but guarantee correct positioning --> <!-- if included, MUST contain more than 2 digits of precision past the decimal point --> <latitude>34.123456</latitude> <longitude>-77.654321</longitude> <contactName>Rosemarie</contactName> <!-- contactEmail is where email leads are sent --> <!-- contactEmail and/or contactPhone required --> <contactEmail>rosemarie@somesite.com</contactEmail> <contactPhone>123-456-7890</contactPhone> <contactFax>123-456-7899</contactFax> <contactTimes>Sunday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm </contactTimes> <!-- limit of 255 characters for Preview Message --> <previewMessage>Spacious Everything!</previewMessage> <description>This villa comes with 3 parking spaces. Check out the kitchen photos</description> <terms>Deposit required. Cleaning fee $55. No Pets, no smoking.</terms> <!-- limit of 255 characters for URL --> <website>http://somesite.com/listings.php?id=299</website> <!-- limit of 255 characters for URL --> <virtualTourUrl>http://somesite.com</virtualTourUrl> <!-- ListingTag elements are all optional. If you decide to include them, type is required and must be on of the following: PROPERTY_AMENITY = outdoor amenity. if building/community, then shared by residents MODEL_AMENITY = inside amenity RENT_INCLUDES = item included in rent DOGS_ALLOWED = 'true' if dogs allowed. CATS_ALLOWED = 'true' if cats allowed. YEAR_BUILT = Year built, if known LOT_SIZE = Lot size, if known STORIES = Number of stories in this unit. PARKING_SPACES PARKING_SPACES_COVERED --> <ListingTag type="PROPERTY_AMENITY"><tag>Pool</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="PROPERTY_AMENITY"><tag>Covered Parking</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="PROPERTY_AMENITY"><tag>Free Hot Dogs on Saturdays</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="MODEL_AMENITY"><tag>Washer/Dryer</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="MODEL_AMENITY_SELECT"><tag>Hardwood Floors</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="RENT_INCLUDES"><tag>Gas</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="RENT_INCLUDES"><tag>Water</tag></ListingTag> <ListingTag type="DOGS_ALLOWED"><tag>false</tag></ListingTag> <!-- ListingPermission elements are optional. Each ListingPermission element you choose to include should contain one email address of a HotPads user account that you wish to have access to the listing. --> <ListingPermission>yourEmailAddress@example.com</ListingPermission> <!-- include multiple, first photo is put on main information screen. --> <!-- source is required, label and caption are optional. --> <!-- limit of 255 characters for URL --> <ListingPhoto source="http://yoursite.com/path/to/photo1.jpg"> <label>Garage</label> <!-- 30 character limit, no markup --> <caption>Park your car here.</caption> <!-- 60 character limit, no markup --> </ListingPhoto> <ListingPhoto source="http://yoursite.com/path/to/photo2.jpg"> <label>Seesaw</label> <!-- 30 character limit, no markup --> <caption>A rare find!</caption> <!-- 60 character limit, no markup --> </ListingPhoto> <price>320</price> <pricingFrequency>DAY</pricingFrequency> <!-- acceptable values: ONCE, MONTH, WEEK, --> <numBedrooms>2</numBedrooms> <numFullBaths>2</numFullBaths> <numHalfBaths>1</numHalfBaths> <squareFeet>1500</squareFeet> <!-- dates the unit is available. you are not required to list dates that are open (available) unless you wish to specify minStay (default 1) or arrivalOk (default true) --> <Availability year="2010" month="12" night="11" duration="7" open="false"/> <Availability year="2010" month="12" night="18" duration="1" open="true" minStay="7"/> <Availability year="2010" month="12" night="19" duration="6" open="true" arrivalOk="false"/> <!-- rates for the given period of time. pricingFrequency="once" intended for 'block' or 'event' rentals that are not recurring. --> <Rate startDate="20100701" endDate="20100831" highPrice="600.0" lowPrice="600.0" pricingFrequency="weekly"/> <Rate startDate="20101204" endDate="20101230" highPrice="600.0" lowPrice="300.0" pricingFrequency="daily"/> <Rate startDate="20110202" endDate="20110207" highPrice="900.0" lowPrice="900.0" pricingFrequency="once"/> </Listing> </hotPadsItems>
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