Rental Listings Feed Program

If you have a lot of listings, you can send us listings data through our free automated feed program. You can upload multiple property photos, virtual tours, open house information, and much more. There is no cost to participate in the program. We will syndicate the listings to Zillow® Rental Network. You can also create listings one at a time.

Sending a rental listing feed is a technical undertaking that requires publishing an XML file. Simply sending us a URL of your website does not provide enough information for online listing display. Creating a feed XML file requires the ability to create a file that conforms to our specification (Rental Listings Feed Guide). 

Once you have read the spec and have an XML feed ready, submit your feed to We will inspect each feed by doing high quality checks before setting the listings live on the Zillow Rental Network.

If you want to send instant updates to listings, we offer real-time listing updates at no additional cost to participate. This ensures that our renters always get the latest and most accurate listing information on Zillow Rental Network. For more information, see our technical guide for Real-time Feeds.

You can also make use of our Lead Posting API instead of sending email leads. We offer a HTTP POST callback. Please refer to our Lead Delivery API page for more details.