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Our homes, sweet homes, rock steady
Pittsburgh Post Gazette 10/12/2008

"Saying this amid the crisis might be whistling past the graveyard, but the latest organization to provide evidence for Western Pennsylvanian stability is HotPads.com...HotPads says the percentage of homes in foreclosure in Nevada is above 4.1 percent, in California and Arizona around 2.4 percent, and in Florida 1.5 percent. Pennsylvania is 28th on the list at 0.12 percent -- and every congressional district in Western Pennsylvania is below that."

Inside Washington: Close to Home
National Journal 10/04/2008

"The financial collapse isn't theoretical to Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif. Her district, which includes tony Palm Springs, suffers from a 4.1 percent mortgage foreclosure rate-the highest in the country...The numbers come from HotPads.com, a real estate search engine that matched foreclosures to all 435 congressional districts."

Real estate info flows freely on the Web
USA Today, Money Section, 3B 8/29/2008

"This (HotPads.com) is where to begin if you're starting from a premise as broad as "rent or buy." IN addition to a search that shows sale and rental properties together by monthly payment, it has a "rent ratio heat map." This shows the areas that are better to buy in, vs. those where it's more practical to rent, according to the price-to-rent ratios (an affordability calculation arrived at by dividing the price to buy a house by the annual cost of renting a similar house.)"

Bright Spot in a Bad Economy
The New York Times, Section D2 8/14/2008

"IN these tough times, with gas prices setting records and airfares skyrocketing, many people are lucky to have jobs, let alone time to take a vacation. And yet there's some good news for second-home owners hoping to rent out an investment property: vacationers are turning to these rentals more than ever."

The usefulness of rent ratios
Time 8/11/2008

"They (HotPads) recently added a feature that shows buy-rent ratios, that old trick of the real-estate trade. Take the cost of a house and divide by the amount you'd pay to rent a comparable space for a year. If the number is high, then houses are pricey-you're better off renting for the time being."

America's Most Overpriced Zip Codes Forbes 7/29/2008

"In a report for Forbes.com, Hotpads.com produced a price-to-earnings spread for each ZIP code in the nation's 40 largest cities by comparing rental costs with buying costs for similar properties, based on number of bedrooms, location and price per square foot."

Buying Foreclosed Homes
Fox Business 7/28/2008

"Chris Choate and Douglas Pope discuss buying foreclosed homes." See the video on the right!

Curing the Housing Crisis
Fox Business 7/25/2008

"Jonathan Miller, Miller Samuel president and ceo, Douglas Pope, HotPads.com co-fouder, and Mark Sunshine, First Capital president and coo, discuss what the fix is for the housing crisis." See the video on the right!

Rent? Buy? Map it out for Portland area
The Oregonian 7/24/2008

"In these uncertain times, people weighing rent vs. buy may find help with heat maps on HotPads.com."

Rent/buy ratio for 46 metro areas
OC Register, 6/24/2008

"'Rent ratios going down mean houses are becoming more affordable to buy,'says Arnold Slesers, the Economy.com economist who crunched the numbers... For another way of looking at rent/buy ratios, go to www.hotpads.com, which charts values based on a rent ratio "heat" map."

Home Base
Orlando Sentinel, 6/22/2008

"To buy or not buy: That is the question. Check out HotPads.com for help on finding the answer. This free map-based real estate search engine lists homes for sale, apartments, condos and rental houses. Resources on the site include: foreclosure search and heat maps; a buy-versus-rent calculator; renters and buyers guides; an insurance center with information on all types of insurance; and a help and frequently asked-questions link to help you navigate the site."

Not Sure Whether To Rent Or Buy? Check the Heat Map.
TechCrunch, 6/10/2008

"I can't resist a good heat map, especially on real estate sites. HotPads, which brought us the foreclose heat map, now offers a handy rent ratio heat map. "

The Latest in Real Estate Voyeurism
Fortune Magazine, 6/9/2008

"The real estate site Hotpads.com offers maps that show, block by block, every property available for purchase or rental. The best feature (or most terrifying, depending): heat maps that glows red where foreclosures are rampant. Hello, Miami!"

The Week in Real Estate
Washingtonian, 5/30/2008

"PC Magazine published a round-up of eight top real-estate Web sites. The sites, including DC-based HotPads.com, offer interactive maps, powerful search tools, community statistics, and more."

The Best Real Estate Web Sites
PC Magazine, 5/23/2008

"These eight Web sites offer all the tools you need to buy or sell a home, like interactive maps, community stats, and powerful search tools."

Another Foreclosure Map Hits the Web
Wall Street Journal, 04/11/2008

"What do the Federal Reserve and real-estate Web site HotPads have in common? Both have ginned up online maps in recent weeks to track the mortgage maps. The Fed's map, released last week, illustrates subprime loan conditions across the U.S. Hotpads.com offers similar heat maps, and uses them to showcase listings of foreclosed homes."

Cool Sites: Selling a house?
The Kim Komando Show, 04/10/2008

"It's no secret that the housing market is in a slump. That's bad news if you're trying to sell. It may take a few months to sell your house for your price. But there is help online."

Some kink in the link
MSNBC's Clicked, 04/10/2008

"HotPads foreclosure heat map shows per capita foreclosures across the US. Zoomable by town or even neighborhoods. I see confirmation of what I've heard from folks I know in Florida who say the situation is grim down there."

Locational divergence, in living colour
Economist.com Blog, 04/09/2008

"High levels of foreclosure are associated with falling prices, so these maps provide a good idea where housing prices have come down the most. The contrasts are instructive. Not only are there considerable differences across metropolitan areas but also within them."

Hotpads Foreclosure Heat Map
The Big Picture, 04/09/2008

"Real estate website Hotpads has several of these way interesting interactive maps. You cans elect whatever region/city of your choosing."

Bay Area hit hard by mortgage foreclosures
ValleyWag, 4/08/2008

"While the whole country has been hit hard by the subprime mortgage crisis, with sky-high housing costs the Valley and surrounding area have also felt the pain. How bad is it?"

Foreclosures: Hot or Not?
Inman News Blog, 04/08/2008

HotPads plans to allow comparisons of current foreclosure heat maps with past heat maps to allow users to gauge the foreclosure trends in a particular market area, according to a company announcement.

Can't get enough of foreclosure maps?
Baltimore Sun,04/08/2008

The Baltimore Sun spotlights HotPads.com's foreclosure heat maps, focusing on Maryland.

Foreclosures Shown On Scary, Encroaching Heat Maps
TechCrunch, 04/07/2008

"If you want to see in stark colors exactly how the mortgage credit crisis is spreading across the country, go to real estate search site HotPads and look at the foreclosure heat maps in your area."

New websites rev the home-search engine
Los Angeles Times, 03/02/2008

"HotPads offers an easy-to-use map-based search that provides listings for both rentals and properties for sale. There's also a buy-versus-rent feature that helps you decide which option makes the most financial sense. Ease of use? Not bad, but it's a bit graphic-busy."

Web site localizes buy vs. rent benefits
Palm Beach Post, 12/31/2007

New Web tools try to help buyers simplify their search for new homes
DC Examiner, 12/27/2007

Website Helps You Decide To Buy Or Rent A Home
KSWT Yuma, AZ, 12/12/2007

Hotpads Gives You the Monthly Breakdown
Future of Real Estate Marketing, 12/11/2007

HotPads Mixes Map Apps, Real Estate for new Search Portal
Wired, 12/10/2007

HotPads rolls out buy vs. rent search
Inman News (Subscription Req.), 12/10/2007

Building a Better House Trap
The Motley Fool, 12/10/2007

HotPads Adds 'Rent vs. Buy' Feature
Greg Sterling's Screenwerk, 12/10/2007

BusinessWeek, 12/06/2007

"HotPads to show rent vs. buy home prices"
VentureBeat, 12/06/2007

"Curb and Web Appeal"
Washingtonian, 11/28/2007

"Moving? Check out HotPads"
Webware/Cnet, 11/20/2007

"HotPads adds for-sale properties"
Inman News (Subscription Req.), 11/09/2007

Online tools to market, manage rentals multiply, Accidental Landlords
Inman News (Subscription Req.), 11/08/2007

HotPads Launches For Sale Listings
Greg Sterling's Screenwerk, 11/07/2007

Setting rent a major challenge in today's market, Accidental Landlords
Inman News (Subscription Req.), 11/07/2007

HotPads launches new for-sale search feature
San Jose Mercury News, 11/06/2007

HotPads Launches For Sale Real Estate Search Engine
SearchNewz, 11/06/2007

Property management presents opportunities, Accidental Landlords
Inman News (Subscription Req.), 11/06/2007

HotPads.com efforts 'reaching customers'
The Examiner, 10/15/2007

Friends forever?
Washington Business Journal, 10/05/2007

Sree Advice: Real Estate Web Sites
WNBC New York, 05/17/2007

The Latest on Technology Deals
Wall Street Journal, 05/14/2007

In First Quarter, $197 Million Invested in Local Businesses
Washington Post, 04/30/2007

Cool Web Sites: HotPads.com
Washingtonian, 04/25/2007

$70 million venture capital fund nearly set
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 04/17/2007

DC's Hotpads pockets $2.3 million A round
Tech Journal South, 04/05/2007

HotPads gets new digs and cool $2M in funding
Washington Business Journal, 03/31/2007

"Company blogs: Real estate and dead coffee pots"
Inman News (Subscription Req.), 03/01/2007

"Real estate timeline debuts"
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 01/10/2007
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