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Renting a Moving Truck or Van

If you're going to move yourself, don't plan on using your Mini Cooper. Get the right truck or van for the job, and don't forget to read our article on other tips to help with your move.

Renting a Moving Van or Truck

    Finding the right size vehicle

    It's a good idea to understand how much you need to move to avoid getting too large or small a van. Take measure of all your packed rooms to determine if you need just a small van or a big 26-foot truck to hold all of your furniture, boxes and appliances. Also remember that you are responsible for driving and parking your moving van/truck, so don't get more vehicle than you can handle.

    Most truck rental offices and websites have guides to help you determine what's available and what you need.

    Fuel and mileage costs

    One way that folks get into trouble when renting a moving van is not understanding how gas and miles can add to the cost of renting. If you get a vehicle that's too small and have to make several trips back and forth, you'll run up your gas bill in no time. Also, most companies can include some mileage in the cost of the rental but if there's a cap, you need to know what it is and how much extra it'll be if you rack up extra miles.


    Most moving companies will rent you furniture pads, dollies and last-minute packing supplies. Your back will thank you for having a dolly, your furniture will thank you for the padding, but if you plan your move well then you shouldn't need any last minute boxes or supplies. Get those well in advance, which you can do online.

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