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Moving tips

A lot can go wrong when you are moving, so make sure you do your homework. To help you out, here's a cheat sheet from HotPads.

Moving Tips

Hassle-free moving begins with well-planned packing. Even if you're hiring movers who will pack for you (lucky devil), keep in mind a few simple rules:
  • Don't move garbage. In other words, don't pack anything you'll just be getting rid of later. Have a yard sale, donate stuff to charity, offload stuff on your friends. This is a great time to streamline your life.
  • Use clean boxes and packing supplies, and get the right size boxes for your different things.
  • Label everything, and keep a list. Each box should have an origin, and destination. Organize by room, or number, or anything else that can help you put your life back together at your new place.
  • If it's small, easily stolen, or impossible to replace, keep it with you.
  • The heavier the items, the smaller the box.

Hiring a moving company
There are two key things to worry about when hiring a moving company. You want to make sure that 1) you don't spend too much and 2) all of your things arrive safely at your new place. A few things to think about during this process:
  • Check out the Transportation Department's consumer protection site for information on researching movers and brokers.
  • Shop around for multiple quotes.
  • Get any quotes in writing, or print out the web page quote.
  • Never leave valuables in desk/dresser drawers.

Renting a truck or van
If you're going to try a do-it-yourself move, you won't have experts around to keep you, your belongings and the vehicle safe. Rememeber a few simple things:
  • Get the right size truck. Too small, and you're making multiple trips that run up your gas bill and miles. Too big, and your stuff will slide and crash around like bowling pins.
  • Don't let friends ride with your stuff. (See the previous tip.)
  • Get any quotes in writing, or print out the web page quote.
  • Use mattresses, furniture pads and unused boxes to protect items that might get nicked, scratched or scuffed.
  • make sure drawers in desks and cabinets are taped shut or face the walls of the truck.

Tips for self storage units
When using a self-storage or portable storage container, take reasonable precautions to protect your stuff. This includes:
  • DO NOT store irreplaceable items like photos, mementos and your bronzed baby shoes.
  • Keep a record of every payment made (e.g. canceled checks, credit card receipts.)
  • Regardless of the facility, pack your items as if to protect from weather and pests. Think plastic bags and plastic storage tubs.
  • Do not store food, unless canned.
  • When possible, get a smaller space and pack it high, instead of paying for extra square feet.

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