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HotPads Moving & Storage Center

Once you've found a great new condo, house or apartment on you'll need to think about getting all of your stuff to your next place. If you've got too much stuff, you may even need to think about getting a storage space. Check out the HotPads Moving & Storage Center for information on moving companies, boxes, packing supplies, self-storage providers and tips on moving. Good luck with your move!

Moving & Storage Resources

Moving Tips and Resources
Sometimes it feels like half of your life is spent moving. But it doesn't have to be that hard! Take a look at some of these helpful tips and articles that will help make your next move go smoothly!

Moving Companies
Like nuclear waste disposal and dental surgery, some things are best left to the experts. If you want to simplify your move with a bunch of burly men handling the whole show, learn about moving companies and get a moving quote here.

Truck and Van Rentals
Nothing beats spending an afternoon with friends eating pizza and drinking beer. Especially when those friends just helped you move and all it cost you was pizza and beer. But you will need a truck or van, and here's where you go to find out what your options are and where you can get a quote. Just remember, the beer's only for AFTER you've returned the van.

Self Storage, Mini & Mobile Storage
If all of your stuff won't make it to your new place (and Mom & Dad want the use of their garage back) then it's time for you to look into getting a storage space. You have more options than ever before, and some companies will even pick up your stuff for you. Brilliant!

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    Don't put the cart before the horse! If you haven't already found a new place then don't just read about moving, get moving. How about you find a house, condo or apartment on right now?

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