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About HotPads Mobile Site

Mobile Apps

Take Your Housing Search on the Go!

If you have the internet on your phone, you have a housing search site! HotPads mobile site allows you to search through thousands of rental listings and millions of homes for sale right from your phone!
  • Search by city or around a particular address
  • Search apartments and rental houses or homes for sale
  • See detailed listings with photos & descriptions
  • Call or email a property with one touch!

Using the HotPads Mobile Search

To access the mobile site, plug http://hotpads.com/mobile into your phone's browser. Select whether you are looking to rent or buy, and set the location. You can further narrow down the search results by selecting the distance radius, number of bedrooms, and your price range. Click "search" and find your new home!

A list of available properties matching your search criteria will appear. You can sort these results by best match, how recently they were created, the number of listing photos, price, or square footage.

When you see a property that piques your interest, you can click on it to be taken to the full listing view. There, you will see the pricing info, as well as photos, descriptions, and amenities.

From there, you can then add it to favorites, email a friend, share it on Facebook, or contact the property from the listing view.

We also have an app for Droids and an app for iPhones!
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