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Renters Insurance sponsored by Liberty Mutual

The team at will help you find the perfect apartment or rental property, and we won't let you down when it's time to protect your new place and all your stuff with a renters insurance policy. But don't take our word for it; check out these articles, tips, tools and resources to become more informed about this important part of your move.

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You can receive even additional savings if you insure both your home and auto with Liberty Mutual.

Additional Information on Renters Insurance

    Online Articles
    Check out the following websites for information from experts about renters insurance.

    The Scoop on Renter's insurance from Liberty Mutual.

    Information about renters insurance.

    Notes from the Insurance Information Institute on Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost Policies.

    Thoughts on renters insurance from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

    Renter's Insurance: A Smart Buy (PDF) from the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services.

    Help For Your Home Inventory

    If you ever need to file a claim, it's critical to have detailed records of everything that was damaged or stolen. Take a moment and download this home inventory checklist.

    One easy way to quickly catalog what you have is by video. Grab your digital camcorder and go through your place, focusing on your most valuable items like computers, electronics, musical equipment and clothes.

    If You Need a Roommate

    HotPads can help you find a roommate. If you are renting with a roommate, understand that you will both need insurance coverage. You may be allowed to get a joint policy, but most insurance companies recommend that each tenant maintain a separate renters insurance policy to cover his or her personal property. This also makes it easier if one of you moves out before the policy is up for renewal.

    And don't worry about the cost of two policies. Renters insurance is so affordable, you'll be better off worrying about your roommate using all the hot water.

    More Renters Resources from HotPads

      HotPads Renters Guide
      Now that you're an insurance black belt, check out our Renters Guide. HotPads has what you need to know about apartment living, dealing with roommates, home security and much more. But don't leave without making sure you've done you homework and looked for your renters insurance policy.


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