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HotPads Heat Maps Introduction

Update December 2013: As of December 1st, HotPads does not currently have the heatmaps function. In order to update to Google Maps as our map provider, it was necessary to lose this functionality. You can read the full report of the update over on the HotPads blog. Thanks for your loyalty to HotPads!

HotPads currently uses census data to color code our map based on a few different demographic statistics:

You can see heat maps anywhere in the country using HotPads maps:

  • Open the regular map from the home page
  • Drag and zoom to the right place
  • Click on the colorful image of the United States
  • Select the type of heat map from the window that pops up

Some Examples:

Age by state on the
East Coast

Rent vs. Own in
San Francisco

Per Capita Income in

National Heat Maps

Population Density

Per Capita Income

Median Age

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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