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Performance Listing Details


  • Monthly Invoices

  • Payable by check or credit card

  • Pay only for legitimate inquiries. (We will refund low-quality inquiries without hassle.) [how does this work?]

  • Max 1 inquiry per user email address

  • Max 5 inquiries per listing per day (higher limits accepted)

  • Listings may not request phone calls over emails. (Only about 40% of general inquiries are by email.)

Monthly Invoices

You will be billed for all inquiries (up to 5 per day) that each property receives at the end of the month. Monthly invoices will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the account unless other arrangements are made. You may request to have a paper invoice sent monthly as well. Invoices are to be paid within a specific time frame.

Payable by check or credit card

You may pay for your performance listings by company check or credit card only. If you wish to pay by credit card over the phone, you may call and speak with a representative Monday-Friday during office hours. You may opt to a lump sum to your account so that charges can be taken directly from your credit.

Pay only for legitimate inquiries

We will not charge you for any spam or "throw-away" inquiries. If you receive an inquiry that you deem illegitimate, simply forward that inquiry to us for review. If no additional inquiries were made that day, we will credit your account for the full amount of the inquiry.

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