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Performance Listings

HotPads Performance Listings... put your property ahead of the crowd.

With over 200,000 rental properties and 2 million for-sale properties on HotPads, some housing providers are looking for ways to bring their property to the front. HotPads has an affordable and effective way to allow you to do just that: Performance Listings.

Performance Listings are higher-priority listings on HotPads that increase your listing's presence in relation to the others, ensuring that your listing is among the first our users see. Not only do you get higher placement levels, but we also highlight Performance Listings across all of HotPads.

Get More Attention:

  • Highest-level placement: Your listing will be placed on top of the normal listings in your neighborhood, ensuring you get the most visibility

  • Large icon: Your listing will have a larger icon then normal listings to draw even more attention to it

  • Highlighted throughout the site: Your listing will get featured in various places throughout the site, not only on the map-based search

Pay for Success:

Pricing for Performance Listings is on an inquiry-basis.

  • $10 per email inquiry

  • FREE phone inquiries

  • Unbeatable average of $4 cost-per-inquiry!


  • Payable by credit card

  • Pay only for legitimate inquiries. We will refund useless ones without hassle. [How does this work?]

  • 40% of general inquiries are by email. Listings may not request phone calls over emails.

  • Max 1 inquiry per user email address

  • Max 5 inquiries per listing per day (higher limits accepted for Large Apartment Communities)

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