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Map Search

HotPads' map-based real estate search allows our users to search for housing based on real estate's most important attribute: LOCATION.

You can easily see where properties are located in relation to where you work, where you go out, where your friends live or anything else. Whether you are looking for an apartment for rent, home for sale, foreclosure property, hotel, or vacation rental, we have the perfect way for you to find your place.

Getting Started

Select which type of home you are searching for: for rent, for sale, foreclosures, vacation, or hotels by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Then, you can either: 1) type the location in the text box, 2) click on the state on the US map, or 3) select from the list of popular cities.

Using HotPads Maps

Once you are in the map-based search, you can zoom in to your desired location by using the zoom bar on the left of your screen or by clicking, zooming, and panning to your desired location.

You can narrow down your search results by setting your minimum and maximum rents, number of bedrooms, number of photos, and more.

HotPads Listings Icons, Points of Interest, and More

Listing Icons

We use differently sized icons to represent building sizes. Single family homes are represented by a house, while apartment communities are represented by larger building icons.

When you are searching, you will also notice differently colored icons. Listings you have viewed will turn a darker color and listings you have added to your favorites will turn a bright blue. The can't-miss red icons are Featured Properties that match your search criteria.

Points of Interest

We even display various points of interest on the maps alongside the listings. Therefore, you can see how close a property you are viewing is to public transportation, schools, and universities.

Heat Maps

We also have demographic heat maps to give you a better idea of the area.

Learn More about Heat Maps

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