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HotPads in Layar

For all you housing shoppers on the go, you can now conduct your housing search on HotPads in Augumented Reality while walking down the street, thanks to the new HotPads Layar for the Layar App for Android and iPhone!

About Layar

For those unfamiliar with Layar, it is a mobile application that uses the information from your mobile's GPS, camera, and compass to determine your exact location and the direction you are pointing. This allows the application to accept inputted data and overlay it on top of your camera's real-time display.

Using the HotPads Layar for the Layar mobile app

First, narrow your search results by property type (for rent, for sale, foreclosures, hotels, or vacation homes) and set the maximum price and your search range.

Then, point your camera in any direction and the HotPads listings meeting your criteria will appear.

Select a listing by tapping the icon on your screen. A menu will be displayed where you can choose to get more information, call the listing, or "take me there."

  • Get More Information will take you to the detailed listing where you can see the pricing, photos, and descriptions of the property. You can also contact the property directly through the blue contact box or use the telephone number to call the property manager or owner.

  • Call the Listing will automatically initiate a call to the property manager or owner of the listing.

  • Take Me There will pull up a map with your location and the listing location already displayed. You can then use the map to navigate to the listing or opt to get detailed directions there

Layar is available for mobile devices running Android and for iPhones.

To add the HotPads Layar, go to the iPhone App Store or the Android Market and search for Layar and install.  Once you are running Layar, go to the HotPads Layar to search for housing!  (Or just scan the barcode below)

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