Lasso Search

Hand-Drawn Housing Search

Instead of relying on macro search criteria like zip codes and having to browse thousands of listings, users can now create their own local search experience (by literally drawing it). This Hand-Drawn Housing Search allows you to exactly define your search boundaries and see only properties that fall within your desired area.

Creating Your Own Search Parameters

Creating your own search areas is easy. Just click on the "lasso" icon to switch your mouse to a drawing tool:

Then, click on the map and draw a line around the area that you would like to be included in your search. You can create as many areas as you would like and only the homes that fall within those areas will be shown.

Share Your Lasso

One of the great benefits of the lasso search is being able to share your customized search with your friends and family. Sharing is simple. Either send the URL directly or click on "share" in the lasso. Clicking "share" will generate a short URL that's easy to send via email and all social media channels.

Ways to Use the Lasso Search

  • Living Near Public Transportation
  • Do you rely on public transportation to get around? Use the lasso search to only see housing within a few blocks of a station! Just click the "more" button on the map to show the public transportation system and draw your boundaries around each station!

  • Living In a Particular Neighborhood (or zip code, or school zone, or county)
  • Do you have a particular neighborhood that just resonates with you-so much so that there's simply no way you would leave it? Using the lasso search, you can clear away all other homes that you just won't consider.

  • Living Near Work or School (or any other point of interest)
  • Many of us prefer not to drive or take public transportation to work or school, so being within a few blocks of your place of employment or education is key. (This is also great when searching for homes where your kids can walk to school!)

  • Searching for a Specific Type of Realty (Beach-front, Lake-front, around a park)
  • Whether you want to look for only beach-front or lake-front homes, homes around the perimeter of a park, or any other specific type of real estate, the lasso tool will help you weed out all the homes you are not interested in.