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Keyword Search

HotPads is happy to announce another great search tool for housing shoppers: Keyword Search!  Keyword searching allows you to specify exact terms you are looking for in your next home search.

For example, you can search only homes with a swimming pool in Washington, DC or a place with a roof deck in San Francisco or handicap accessible homes for rent in New York.

You can also add numerous amenities at the same time like an apartment for rent with a gym and fireplace in Chicago!

Using the Keyword Search

In the map search, enter as many individual keywords as you want, separated by a comma, into the keyword search box.

Your search results will be narrowed to only display those listings that offer your desired amenities.  This makes it so much easier for you to find your perfect place!

Interesting Examples:

Keyword searching is extremely valuable when you are looking for a very particular type of home to fit your individual needs.

It's also really cool to see where different amenities are most abundantly offered across the country:

Give it a try now!
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