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Inaugural Housing Renters

Inaugural Housing Renters

Over a million people are expected to come to Washington, DC for the historic Inauguration of Barack Obama this coming January. Unfortunately, there is simply a shortage of Washington, DC hotels, as well as DC metro-area hotels. For this reason, many are turning to renting Inaugural Housing from individual, private landlords.

However, there are many things that you need to consider and expect when you decide to try your luck at finding short-term rentals in Washington, DC for the inauguration.

Advice for Inauguration Renters

  • Do Your Homework: Before you begin your search for inaugural rentals, it's important for you to decide where you want to rent a place. Are you willing to sacrifice being in or close to Washington, DC to save money, or are you interested in being right in the center of things?

  • Research Carefully: When you are looking for Inaugural Rentals in Washington, DC from private landlords, you must understand that these are people generally renting out their primary residences. That makes it increasingly more important that you carefully look at each property and listing.

  • Request More Information: If you are interested in a inaugural rental, it is important that you do not simply accept what is written in the ad. If you have specific questions, get them answered BEFORE you sign a contract. Make sure you ask about their expectations as well as tell them yours.

  • Sign a Contract: Renting an inaugural rental, even if you are doing it informally, is a business transaction. Protect yourself and stave off future headaches by signing a contract. You do not have to go to a lawyer to do this, just makes sure that every term is included, from amenities to specific charges.

  • Pay Securely: There are many ways this transaction could go wrong, so it is important for you to protect yourself when paying as well. If a potential landlord requests a credit check, make sure you do it securely with HotPads Credit Checks. Then, request paying through check or paypal, avoiding an all cash transaction.

By following this advice, you should be a little better prepared when renting inauguration housing in Washington. Remember to just use your common sense, be prepared, and be protected and you should have a great stay in Washington, DC!

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