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Foreclosure Heat Maps

Foreclosure Heat Maps

With foreclosure rates at record highs, HotPads has given our users a way to track and chart the housing crisis with easy to use heat maps.

HotPads Foreclosure Heat Maps portray the markets hit hardest by the recent housing crisis and the increased foreclosure rates. These foreclosure heat maps visually illustrate the foreclosures per capita and display color-coded foreclosure rates by county and state.

These stats are generated from listing counts on HotPads to give you an idea of foreclosure rates throughout the country. With this greater transparency to the housing crisis, our users can better understand the trends in their markets, as well as the foreclosure rates in other markets across the country.

You can see the Foreclosure Heat Maps anywhere in the country using HotPads maps or check out some of these sample markets:

Dallas, TX Foreclosures San Francisco, CA Foreclosures
Florida Foreclosures Chicago, IL Foreclosures
Seattle Foreclosures Washington, DC Metro Area Foreclosures

Foreclosure Listings

In addition to the foreclosure heat maps, HotPads has also launched foreclosure listings. Now, users can search for foreclosure housing in the same way that they can search for a housing for sale or rental properties on HotPads.

Foreclosure listings are supplied to HotPads through an integration with RealtyTrac, a leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties. Housing shoppers will be able to search through all of RealtyTrac's foreclosure information on HotPads' map-based search engine by registering for an account on RealtyTrac.

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