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HotPads Buy vs. Rent Calculator

Using the Calculator

Access the HotPads Buy vs. Rent Calculator here. Or begin your buy vs. rent housing search.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding whether to buy or rent your next home. Buying is often better for the long term, but what if you know you'll be moving to a new city in 2 years, or you'll need a couple extra bedrooms in 5 years.

What can you afford to pay out of pocket during that time, and which decision will leave you better off financially when it comes time to make the next move?

Put your best estimates into the boxes on the left, and continue on to see several charts showing the difference between buying and renting.
HotPads buy vs rent mortgage calculator screenshot
Have you been renting for years at $1,100/month but don't think you can afford to buy? Maybe you'd be surprised. Test a few combinations of numbers on the HotPads Buy vs. Rent Calculator to find out.

Available Charts

There are quite a few cool charts you can use:
  • Buy vs. Rent Assets
  • Chart showing the money you will have accumulated by the time you move.
  • Buy vs. Rent Monthly Payments
  • Buyer Monthly Payments
  • Renter Monthly Payments
  • Buyer Total Savings
  • Buyer Avg. Monthly Savings

There are also helpful hints beside each chart option that explain the variable or output. Simply click on the "?" to see an informative blurb.

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