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Area Pages

We strive to give you, our users, as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decisions about your next home as possible. To do this, we have included demographic and housing stats for cities and neighborhoods, complete with Wikipedia articles about the designated areas!

Area Pages

When you are first taken to a city, a blurb appears with some quick facts about the area. Here, you can get a general feel about the city, but you can also choose to get more information.

When you "click for more information," you will be taken to a page that provides tons of stats and information about each city like:
  • Neighborhood Links: We link to the various neighborhoods in the city where you can learn more information about each place and search for housing

  • City Information: We provide an article with general information, as well as quick facts, about the city to get you better acquainted with your new hometown

  • Housing Prices: We show the median prices for all types of real estate in each city, including median corporate housing, sublet, room, foreclosure, for sale, land, auction, rental, and new home sales.

  • Wikipedia Articles: We also display the Wikipedia article about the city so that you can gain a broader understanding of the city and its history.

Trends and Stats

In addition to the general information, we also provide various stats and trends to help you track the real estate history in each area.

These housing charts include:
  • Median Prices for HotPads Rental Listings over the last 12 months (0 to 5 bedrooms)
  • Median Prices for HotPads For Sale Listings over the last 12 months (0 to 6 bedrooms)

We also provide Census data about the cities including:
  • Age of Residents
  • Income
  • Types of Buildings
  • How People Get Around
  • Average Commute Times
  • Times People Leave for Work