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Featured Listings

The Basics


    • Max 2 Featured Listings displayed at a time
      • Large contrasting icons
      • Can't miss preview pane

    • All Featured Listings are promoted in organic search results
      • Shown at higher zoom levels
      • Promoted on other areas of the site

  • Average Featured Listing gets 6x the leads and traffic of standard listings


The rental Featured Listings are displayed as a large, red icon admist the sea of yellow:

The for sale Featured Listings are given an oversized yellow icon:


Who can feature their listings?

Anyone with a listing on HotPads can feature their listings whether it is for sale or for rent, created on HotPads or coming to us through a feed.

Properties Created on HotPads
To feature your listing, first log in to your account and click my featured listings (under "my hotpads" in the upper menu bar.

You are shown a list of all of your active featured listings. If you don't have any active yet, just click "Feature your Listings." Then, you can select which properties to feature, set the cost and duration of your campaign, and opt-in to recurring, permanent listings (where your Featured Listing will automatically renew every 30 days.)

Then, enter your credit card information if you would like to pay each time, or set up monthly invoicing. Then confirm your order and submit! It's as easy as that!

Properties Coming Through a Feed
If your property is coming to HotPads through a feed, you can still claim and feature that listing without having to recreate it on HotPads.

First, create an account or log in to your existing account with the contact email address used in the listings.

Once you have signed in, click the "My Listings" link in the upper right corner to view a list of all of your listings. Then,
  • Select the listings to feature
  • Set your price
  • Confirm your order & check out


Advertising is not one-size fits all. Because of this, HotPads gives YOU the power and flexibility to determine exactly how much to spend on your featured listings and how long they will run.

Setting a Price
We think that advertising should be customizable to each housing provider based on their individual demands, needs, and budgets. Therefore, we have initiated a pricing plan that is left up to you, the housing provider. So, YOU set the Cost Per Day (CPD) per property: $1, $2, or $3.

The way we determine how frequently your Featured Listing is displayed is through an auction basis. Therefore, if you feature your listing for $2 a day, you will be displayed twice as frequently as those who feature their listing for $1 a day.

You can pay with a credit card as you go or opt to receive an invoice for each Featured Listing. For more details or to enroll in the automated invoice system, please email Colleen Corgan at CCorgan@hotpads.com.

Displaying Your Featured Listings

Your featured listings will only be displayed when they match the criteria that our users are searching for like:

We will only show your "for sale" listings when a user is searching in the "For Sale" or "Buy vs. Rent" search portals and only show your rental listings when a user is searching for rentals or in the "Buy vs. Rent" portal.

We only display your Featured Listing when our users are searching in your properties' location.

We match the pricing in your featured listings with the price range specified by the user. If your property's rent is higher or lower than the rent range of the user, your property will not be displayed as a Featured Listing.

Similarly, if a user specified that (s)he is looking for an apartment in a large community and you have a featured single family home, you will not be charged for an impression.

Tracking and Charting Your Featured Listings

Once you have set up your featured listings, you can keep track of how many impressions and clicks you get through our handy Listing Campaign Summary page.

You can track the clicks and impressions for each Featured Listing, as well as see the Click Through Rate and Cost Per Day. These charts keep you updated on your campaign in real time and let you see the historical data for each Featured Listing.


Feature Your Listings

So, what are you waiting for? Give your properties the attention they deserve!

To inquire about featuring your listings on HotPads.com call (563) Buy-Rent or email us at FeatureMe@hotpads.com.