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Step 3: Landlord Reviews History and Makes Decision

Tenant Credit and
Background Checks

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After the applicant has submitted his credit reports, you will be given a customized report that includes an extensive credit and criminal history of the applicant, an assessment of additional risk factors, and tailored leasing recommendations.

Extensive Credit History and Risk Factor Report

You will be provided with a full credit report provided by financial institutions that include all public financial reviews of your applicants, as well as collection accounts and any bankruptcy proceedings. In this report, you will see the Credit Score, as well as any score factors that might be indicators of a higher risk factor.

This information is presented in an easy-to-review manner that explicitly identifies anything in the applicant's history that may be detrimental to their ability to be a responsible tenant.

You will also be provided with an extensive criminal history that indicates any fraudulent or criminal behaviors.

Tailored Leasing Recommendations

Using advanced analytics, we then are able to make recommendations about your applicant based on credit data and your property's criteria. The recommendations will range from "Decline" to "Conditional Acceptance" to "Accept."

However, you still maintain the power to make your own decisions and can overturn the leasing recommendation. Simply select your final decision and notify the applicant!

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