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Request HotPads Credit Checks!

When applying for an apartment or rental home, most landlords require their applicants to have a credit history and background check. These can be costly for you and a headache for your landlord, so we have introduced a way to satisfy your landlord while saving you some money: HotPads Credit Checks. HotPads Credit Checks is an easy, safe, and affordable alternative to other services and setting up an account takes seconds.

Why HotPads Credit Checks

Benefits for You, the Renter

  • Inexpensive
  • First and foremost, HotPads Credit Checks will only cost $25 to acquire an extensive credit history and criminal background check. Compare this with the $50 commonly charged, and you save 50%!

  • Completely Secure
  • HotPads Credit Checks ensures that your personal information is completely secure. By teaming with the trusted TransUnion, we can ensure that your personal and sensitive information will remain protected.

    Benefits for Your Landlord

    • Convenient & Flexible
    • There are no set-up or membership fees associated with HotPads credit checks and setting up an account takes seconds. Results are returned within minutes being submitted and there are no minimums for usage.

    • Extensive Credit and Criminal Histories
    • HotPads Credit Checks provide extensive, easy-to-read credit reports that list all the positive and negative aspects of an applicant's credit history. They will be shown an itemization of all accounts, debts, and bankruptcy proceedings against you, as well as your credit score. In addition, a comprehensive criminal background check is also included that details any past criminal or fraudulent activities.

    • Tailored Leasing Recommendations
    • Using advanced analytics, we make recommendations about the applicant based on credit data, risk factors, and the individual property's criteria. Landlords can review our recommendations and then decide their lease terms and conditions.

      Request HotPads Credit Checks

      Credit and background checks are generally required when you are applying for an apartment or home to rent. However, not all credit checks are created equal and, more importantly to you, not all cost the same. If you are applying for an apartment to rent, make sure to tell your landlord about HotPads credit checks to ensure that you get the lowest price available!

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