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HotPads' Credit check helps ensures that you get quality tenants by providing you with extensive reports and reviews of your potential tenants.

Now, small landlords have access to the same tools that larger firms use in an easy, online service that supplies you with extensive credit and criminal histories of your applicants and even makes recommendations for their approvability.

How It Works

HotPads Credit Checker is quick and simple to use. In just 3 steps, you will have extensive histories for your applicants and a recommendation of their qualifications.

Step 1: Landlord Sends Request
Enter the applicant's email address and decide whether you will pay the $25 credit check fee or if that will fall on the applicant.

Step 2: Renter Authorizes Credit and Criminal Checks
The renter will receive an email with simple directions for authorizing you to access their credit and criminal histories.

Step 3: Landlord Reviews History and Makes Decision
You will be able to view the applicant's entire credit and criminal histories. TransUnion also evaluates them and makes a recommendation for either "Decline, Conditionally Accept, Low Accept, or Accept."

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Why It's The Perfect Solution for You

There are many reasons why HotPads' Credit Check, powered by TransUnion, is so beneficial:

  • Quick & Easy: No waiting for approvals or documentation

  • Comprehensive Data: You gain full access to credit and criminal reports

  • Flexible Terms: You pay per use; no set-up or membership fees

  • Prompt Results: The custom reports and leasing recommendations arrive in your inbox in minutes

  • Flexible Fees: You decide whether you will cover the reduced $25 fee or if the applicant will pay it

  • Joint Tenant Recommendations: You will receive a single leasing recommendation regardless of how many renters or co-signers have applied

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