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Map-based Housing Search: HotPads Home Buying Guide

Many people begin their home shopping online. Choosing the right website is important. At HotPads we think that finding a home should be easy and fun. HotPads has a massive inventory of homes in every market in America.

With HotPads' innovative map-based search, we are striving to give people the best communication platform for sharing information about available housing. Our users can search for a house starting with the most important criterion: LOCATION. You can easily see where properties are located in relation to what's important to you.

To begin, click on a city name or type in a location. You will be taken to the map. If you there are too many listings to be displayed, you will notice that there are summary squares that tell you how many properties are in a given location.

Then, you can continue to zoom in to narrow down the area and filter the listings based on your search criteria.

We even display various points of interest on the maps alongside the listings. Therefore, you can see how close a property you are viewing is to public transportation, schools, and universities.

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