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Participating on HotPads Answers

HotPads Answers Guidelines and Community Rules

HotPads Answers
is a community forum intended to be a place where housing shoppers and those interested in real estate can ask questions, receive answers, and participate in real estate-focused discussions.

We invite all members of the HotPads community to become involved, but ask that everyone maintains a level of respect and decorum while participating in the forums. With that in mind, we ask that you please abide by the following:

Do create a profile
When you answer a question on HotPads Answers, a link to your HotPads Profile will also be displayed, so make sure to create yours!
Don't create multiple accounts
Every person should have one account with one profile. Don't create multiple profiles for the purpose of anonymity or to further being a nuisance.
Do share your knowledge!
Answer questions, give your opinion, and weigh in on discussions! Don't be apprehensive if you aren't an "expert," the purpose of the forums is to get feedback from everyone in the HotPads community.
Don't spam our users
Make sure your answers are relevant to the topic being discussed and not for the purpose of promoting your services or listings. Spam once and you're comment will be removed. Spam twice, and your profile will be blocked.
Do contribute to discussions
Differences are what makes the world interesting! Contribute to debates and express your opinions, but do so respectfully and with supporting evidence.
Don't bully, harass, or "name-call"
We encourage debate and discussion, but will not tolerate any berating or aggressive positions when disagreements occur.
Do use English
We ask that all questions and answers be given in the English language to better facilitate understanding amongst the majority of our users.
Don't use inappropriate language
There is no swearing or curse words allowed on the forums, nor will any ugly, aggressive, or offensive language tolerated.
Do report offensive content
If you feel any question, answer, or response is offensive or discriminatory, use the "report" button
Don't leave discriminatory or offensive remarks
Avoid leaving any discriminatory answers or asking any offensive questions on HotPads Answers.

HotPads reserves the right to remove and ban any individual who acts in a way deemed contrary to the spirit of the forum or violates any of the HotPads Answers Guidelines or HotPads terms of service.

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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