What do you do when you have bad credit and no one will rent to you?


First try to pay what you owe and work out an agreement to remove any negative judgemetns on your credit report. If that isn't an option, there are a few other things you can do to give yourself some credibility. 

  • - Be upfront about your situation to a potential landlord before they run your credit. Being transparent about what's going on and your plan of action can show good-will to a new landlord. 
  • - Offer to pay a few month's rent in advance, in addition to your security deposit. Also give current pay stubs and accurate information.
  • - Find a roomate, or have a Guarantor or co-signer to sign the lease. This ensures that someone will pay if you default. 
  • - Provide letter of recommnedations from employers and other landlords. This can show that you can pay rent timely even if your credit is shot. 

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